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Short Summary Freestyle Skiing Meetings, Dubrovnik (CRO), May 20th - 25th, 2009

The FIS Freestyle Committe and the Freestyle Rules & Officials Sub-Committee met during the annual FIS spring meetings in Dubrovnik (CRO), May 20th - 25th, 2009.

On June 12th, 2009 the FIS Council met and they reviewed the proposals from the different Technical Committees. Outlined is a Short Summary of these decisions made by the FIS Council.


[edit] 1. Precisions to the ICR

After the approval of the FIS Council the Precisions to the International Competition Rules have been updated.

See enclosed file. The precisions can also be downloaded under:

[edit] 2. FIS Freestyle World Cup

The World Cup Calendar 2009/2010 is on the FIS website under:

The FIS Freestyle World Cup Quotas 2009/2010 can be downloaded on:

Please be advised that the proposal concerning the changes in Quotas for Ski Cross have been deferred by the FIS Council till season 2010/2011.

The Exchange rates have been set. Please see below.

Base currency: Swiss Francs, CHF on Friday May 22nd, 2009


Rate CHF 45 Equals American Dollar 0.90 41.00 USD Canadian Dollar 1.03 46.90 CAD Chinese Yuan 6.20 280.00 CNY Euro Euro 0.65 29.50 EUR Japanese Yen 85.5 38.70 JPY Russian Rouble 28.6 1.290 RUB Norwegian Kroner 5.93 260 NOK Swedish Krona 6.90 310 SEK Switzerland Franc 1.00 45.00 CHF

[edit] 3. Equipment Rules

The changes to the FIS Equipment Rules have been included in the Precisions.

[edit] 4. Major competition dates:

FIS Freestyle Junior World Championships 2010

New Zealand Ski Association with Otago as organiser of the 2010 FIS Junior Freestyle and Snowboard World Championships. In the case of Freestyle, only Halfpipe and Ski Cross events will be carried out.

Even though the event will take place in August 2010 which is officially the FIS 2010/2011 season, it will be carried out according to the age groups valid in the FIS calendar season 2009/10.

Programme - FIS Freestyle World Championships

Deer Valley (USA), 02.02. - 06.02.2011

  • Wednesday, 2nd February Mogul Qualifications and Finals
  • Thursday, 3rd February Ski Cross Qualifications

Aerial Qualifications

  • Friday, 4th February Halfpipe Qualifications

Ski Cross Finals Aerial Finals

  • Saturday 5th February Halfpipe Finals

Dual Moguls Qualifications and Finals

  • Sunday 6th February Reserve Day.

[edit] 5. Rule Updates

We are updating the World Cup Rules and the FIS points Rules and they will be published on the FIS Website and on the ftp site next week.

[edit] 6. Judges and TD Updates

Judges and TD upgrades are in the Minutes which can be downloaded from:

Judges Licence Levels can be found:

TD Licences Levels can be found: (This service will be ready beginning week 26.)

[edit] 7. Freestyle Committee Members

  • USA: Jay Simson replaces Polly-Jo Clark
  • SWE: Anders Olofsson replaces Per Hedberg
  • CZE: Ales Valenta replaces Jana Vidlickova

[edit] 8. FIS Council

The Council decided that with the great diversity of the events in the Freestyle and Snowboarding disciplines and especially the importance of their relevance to the youth which is a key element of these disciplines, the Freestyle and Snowboard Committees are requested to carry out a thorough analysis of the events on their programme for review by the FIS Council in November 2009.

[edit] 9. Anti-Doping Activities

Besides acknowledging FIS's various activities in support of the global fight against cheating in sport, including participation in the recently established WADA Athlete Passport Working Group, the Council decided that an athlete found to have committed a doping offence will have their FIS points deleted.

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