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A statement of expected future occurrences. Weather forecasting includes the use of objective models based on certain atmospheric parameters, along with the skill and experience of a meteorologist.

Types of Forecasts

Nowcasting: a description of current weather conditions and a zero to two-hour forecast of their likely behaviour (most often used to describe current severe weather events such as heavy rain, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes);

Short-range forecasting: descriptions of weather conditions up to 72 hours ahead (often divided into very short-range, out to 12 hours and short-range from 12 to 72 hours);

Medium-range forecasting: descriptions of weather conditions from three days up to ten days ahead;

Extended-range forecasting: beyond ten days and up to 30 days, description of weather conditions, usually described as a departure from climate values for that period;

Long-range forecasting: a description of average weather conditions as a departure from climate values for a defined period, often presented in the forms of monthly, three-month or seasonal outlooks;


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