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The Chief of Finish Area manages the finish area of each course.

This role is shared across the different finish areas, aerials, halfpipe, ski cross and moguls.

The Assistant Chief of Finish, manages the finish area of each course.


  • make sure that the regulations for the organization of the finish and the finish in-run and out-run are properly observed
  • performs crowd control in the finish area
  • communicates immediately with the jury at all times
  • reports the names of all athletes who do not finish
  • informs the jury of all rule violations

The chief of finish with crowd control and marshalling athletes.


  • assist with directing athletes out of the finish corral into the mixed zone
  • clear the finish area of debris and ensure that it is safe for athletes
  • act as a runner between the finish corral and timing, scoring and results
  • if required, help with maintenance of courses: hill chopping, stepping, slipping

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