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A unique seven digit numeric code assigned by FIS to identify each competitor. The competitor’s personal and unique FIS code. Every competitor must have a valid FIS code to participate in a FIS race.

This code is published on the FIS list, or in exceptional cases between the publication of lists may have been provided to the TD or Organisers by the FIS Office in writing.

Each FIS discipline has its own range of codes (5nnnnnn alpine, 2nnnnnn is cross country etc. - some old codes don't respect these rules due to historical reasons).

There is a range of numbers for each country and then for each gender.

The code is used to identify the competitors in each event, and it is also printed on all start lists and results lists.

It can also be used to find an individual competitors on the web or in the ‘Fislist’-program. Internal links in the FIS DB are made by a unique id.

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