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[edit] 4505 Execution of Ski Cross

[edit] 4505.1 Number of Competitors per Competition

Finals are based on either 32 or 16 ladies and men with 4 competitors per heat or either 48 or 24 ladies and men with 6 competitors per heat.

[edit] 4505.2 Qualification and Final Format

Ski Cross will be run according to a single knockout format. Timed runs are used to qualify competitors for the Ski Cross Final.

[edit] 4505.3 Seeding for the Qualification

4505.3.1 Seeding for Major Competitions

For World Cup, World Championships and Olympic Winter Games, the best 16 Ski Cross competitors present will be drawn according to their highest ranking on the World Cup points list or FIS points list (published several times a year). If the competitors are tied, the higher points in the second category will decide their position. If they are still tied their position will be decided by a draw.

[edit] 4505.3.2 The Ski Cross Draw

The first group will be randomly drawn. The remaining competitors will be ranked according to their higher points on the World Cup points list or the FIS points list.

[edit] 4505.3.3 Seeding for other Competitions

For other FIS Competitions, the best 16 Ski Cross competitors present will be drawn according to their highest ranking on the FIS points list. The remaining competitors will ranked according to their FIS Point ranking.

The non-ranked competitors are assigned bibs based upon a random draw.

[edit] 4505.4 Number of Qualification Rounds

[edit] 4505.4.1 Number of Qualification Runs:

Qualification with one run – all competitors have 1 timed run

[edit] 4505.4.2 Tie Breaking

In the Qualification, if two or more competitors have the same time (tied), then the competitor that started later in the qualification will win the tie.

[edit] 4505.6 Determination of Rank

Ranking in each Heat is determined by the first part of the body that crosses the finish line.

[edit] 4505.6.1 Finish Line Camera

Whenever, possible, a finish line camera (video or photo finish) should be available.

[edit] 4505.6.2 Ranking of Competitors that Do Not Finish

In a case where more than one competitor does not complete the course nor cross the finish line, rankings will be based on the competitor who made it further down the course, will receive the higher rank.

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