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Overall Focus

Teach state school pupils to ski, giving them their first experience of winter sports and participation in the local cultural heritage. 400 children should: 1. develop interest and learn to ski through the school scheme, 2. become familiar with the ski centre and see it as their own heritage, 3. should enjoy the snow and appreciate nature in a new way.

1999 the Club Andino Bariloche, historic reference for Andean mountain activities, begins “Schoolchildren’s Ski and Snowboard Plan” for local free, state schools, 30 children participated. 2001 Ski instructors from Club Andino Bariloche and PE teachers-in-training from Comahue University begin giving the ski lessons together. 2004 Club Andino, Comahue University and the Catedral Ski Centre combine to take 100 children from 4 schools extending the skiing experience to 5 days. The project is recognised and approved by the Department of Education, Rio Negro. Resolution Nº 1787, Viedma, 2004-2009. In 2005 the project is approved as an Extension Project of the national university, thus giving it academic credibility which permits further growth. Acknowledged as unique in Argentina and in Latin America, on several occasions the project has been presented and approved by National Government and is praised for its integration of sports and education and for allowing children of low-income families access to skiing and a participation in the local cultural heritage. 2009 300 children from 11 schools participate in an extended project. Besides learning to ski, children who participate in the project are found to have improved school attendance, developed better social skills, showed more active interest, and have better work prospects.

Initial outings for team working and familiarity with mountain, snow and ski lifts help establish relationships of trust between schools and ski club staff. Classes given by fully qualified instructors. Group work encourages respect for differences, patience and mutual help.

Target Group

  • Primary state school pupils aged 5 - 14 years, from low-income families with very limited access to sports


Private and public institutions: Club Andino Bariloche (CAB), Catedral Alta Patagonia Ltd. (CAPSA) Local Ski Hire Companies: Scandinavian, El Establo, Xtreme, Moutain, Travesía and EAS , Board of Education, Province of Rio Negro (CPE), Andean Education Office, Subsecretary for Sport (Municipality of San Carlos de Bariloche), Sports and Recreation Agency for Rio Negro, National Secretary of Sport in the Ministry for Wellfare


1st March 2010 - 15th December 2010

Contact Information

María Berta Sebastián [1]


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