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[edit] 4306.4 Dual Moguls Start Device

See here for an example of the set up for Dual Mogul Start Gate:Image:Dualstartgatesetup.pdf

[edit] 4306.4.1 Approval by FIS

All start devices must be approved by the FIS before they can be used in competition.

[edit] 4306.4.2 The Start Ramp

The Start Ramp shall be prepared in such a way that the competitors can stand relaxed on the starting line and can quickly reach full speed after leaving the start.

[edit] 4306.4.3 Placement of the Gate

The specifications can be adjusted to the needs of the specific course. The start gates are to be placed in the center of each of the courses. The gates have to open simultaneously and it must be impossible for a competitor to open the gates themselves or cause the gates to lock by applying pressure to them.

[edit] 4306.4.4 Dual Mogul Gate Standards

Two hinged gates each 200-cm wide and 40 cm in height shall be attached to a horizontal pole. A start handle is attached at 90° to the horizontal pole in the center of the two start gates. The starting block (behind the board) must be covered with plastic to protect the ski. The weight for each hinge gate is 15 kg.

[edit] 4306.4.5 Opening System

The opening system shall operate in such a way that both gates open outwards on operation of a single control mechanism. Mechanical controls are preferred over electrical ones, for reasons of reliability and portability.

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