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[edit] 4508.2 Disqualification for Intentional Contact (DIC)

Should a competitor be disqualified based upon an infraction of rule 4508.1 such competitor shall be Disqualified for Intentional Contact (DIC) and will not be ranked in the competition.

4508.2.1 Re-runs shall not be granted solely as a result of a violation of Rule 4508.1 and all competitors in the heat, other than those that receive a DIC, shall be ranked as they finish. Re-runs will only be given pursuant to the applicable provisions of Rule 3057.

4508.2.2 All violations of Rule 4508.1 which result in a DIC shall be announced in the finish area and communicated to the competitor that received the DIC or their Team Captain as soon as possible and in any event prior to the commencement of the next heat. The DIC will then be posted on the official notice board at the bottom and top of the course indicating the section of the course where the infraction occurred. All DIC decisions must be re-corded and reported by the FIS Technical Delegate in their TD Report.

4508.2.3 When a competitor receives a 2nd DIC in one competitive season, the Jury is required to refer the competitor to the Appeals Commission pursuant to Rule 224.13.

4508.2.4 Should any competitor in a heat feel that a violation of Rule 4508.1 occurred in that heat and was not announced to be a DIC, they may request of the Finish Referee or any other member of the Jury that the heat be reviewed. Such request must be made prior to the start of the next heat.

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