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3056 Disqualifications (DSQ)

DSQ can be imposed for not complying with the Competitors’ Responsibilities (see 3054) list or under Joint Regulations for all Ski Competitions, The Competitors’ Obligations and Rights (see 205). All decisions concerning DSQ will be the responsibility of the Jury.

DSQ will appear on the Final result sheet but will receive no numerical ranking.

When a DSQ is imposed on a competitor in the Final Round, then the competitor will receive no rank in the competition. All competitors from the Qualifications will move up a rank in the results list.

DSQ will be imposed:

3056.1 if a competitor submits any false information or enters a competition under false pretences.

3056.2 for violating the rules for start procedure, with the exception of "force majeure" as outlined in 3043.6.1.

3056.3 for violating any rules on equipment according to sections 3036; 4008.2; 4206.1; 4306.1 and 4511 and the FIS Equipment Rules, Section E.

3056.4 for unsportsman-like behavior.

3056.5 for attempting an Aerials manoeuvre for which the competitor has not been qualified.

3056.6 if not qualified according to 203 - Licences

3056.7 if a competitor alters a course or jump or trains on a closed course.

3056.8 if a competitor accepts outside assistance of any form.

3056.9 if a competitor does not wear a helmet in training or competition.

3056.10 For contact in Ski Cross see 4508. (FS0509-06)

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