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3055 Did Not Start (DNS)

DNS are imposed for competitors who do not start a competition or can't complete a competition after starting in the first round. (see 3057.11 and 3043.6.1) (FS0509-14)

DNS will be imposed:

3055.1 DNS if a competitor does not start in the competition after the start list has been produced. The competitor shall receive no place in the competition.

3055.2 DNS for a competitors’ Final run, if not starting in the Final, after performing the Qualification run. The competitor will receive the same place as a RNS.

3055.3 DNS for the second jump in Aerials, when a competitor performs a first jump but not a second. The competitor receives a rank based on the score for the first jump.

3055.4 A Dual Moguls competitor, who does not start in a round other than his or her first round, shall receive DNS for that round and be placed equal to the losers of that round.

3055.5 In Dual Moguls and Ski Cross, if a competitor enters the course before the start command is completed pursuant to Rule 3043.4.4.1 and 4507.7 respectively. (FS0509-14)

3055. 6 A Ski Cross competitor who does not start (DNS) in any round of the final, shall receive the last place in the ranking for that final round. If two or more competitors DNS in a round, they are ranked according to their qualification rank. A Ski Cross competitor who does not start in a next round, shall receive the last rank of that round. See 4505.3

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