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[edit] Introduction FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup

In the event management you always have to handle unforeseen situations.

But that does not mean that you cannot be well prepared for an event.

Global-Sportservice GmbH is in the Freestyle official FIS Data Provider.

With this document we want to make sure that the OC can organize in advance the requirements we need to provide them with the best service.

If there are any questions do not hesitate to contact:

Mario Persch Global-Sportservice

Cellphone: +43 664 88 49 50 53

[edit] Data Service Team

Stefan Leitner /

Marc Schober /

[edit] Timing

Global-Sportservice is providing timing service for Ski Cross, Mogul, Dual Moguls and speed measurement for Aerials.

The Freestyle Skiing Timing Booklet is also a reference regarding the standards needed in order to stage successful freestyle competitions.

[edit] Cabling - Freestyle Skiing

Following cabling has to be provided by the OC.


Ski Cross, Moguls

  • Start: 4 pair of telephone cable from start to timing room.
  • Finish: 4 pair of telephone cable from finish line to timing room.
  • Display Board: 1 pair of telephone cable from Scoreboard to timing room

Dual Moguls

  • Start: 4 pair of telephone cable from start to timing room.
  • Finish: 8 pair of telephone cable from finish line to timing room.

Note: 4 pairs per finish line for both sides each

  • Scoreboard: 1 pair of telephone cable from display board to timing room


Global-Sportservice recommends to use one cable of Cat 3 cable or better which has 4 pairs of cable.

[edit] Wooden Poles & Tools

Our donation for a greener planet.

FIS Data Service will not fly tons of equipment around the globe which can be easily provided by the OC.

For all events OC has to provide wooden poles for mounting of the timing Photocells. 2 sets for start and finish each (2 additional sets for Dualmoguls).

If the poles are removed for course preparation additional poles have to be provided. Pole dimensions: 1.5m 5x5cm

Additional 2 Poles are required to mount below mentioned display board. Pole dimensions : 1.5 - 1.8 m 5x5cm

A Sledge Hammer and other similar tools like a pickaxe have to be provided by OC

[edit] Display board

We will provide a display board to show run time (Ski Cross and Moguls) and Speed (Aerials).

Main Power (110/230 V) is required where the display board will be placed.

Mounting for display board as mentioned above.

[edit] Communication

4 (four) Walkie-talkies on a dedicated channel for data processing 1 (one) Walkie-talkie on Jury channel

[edit] Hand Timing

For Moguls, Dual Moguls Qualification and Ski Cross, the OC has to provide two Volunteers who will perform manual timing for start and finish.

Manual Timing devices will be provided by Global-Sportservice.

Both volunteers mentioned above have to be equipped with a radio.

[edit] Timing & Data Processing (TDP) Building

Please reference the environmental requirements for FIS Judges Stands. Heated work area (18° - 22° 24 hours a day) at the finish line. 2 or 3 tables of 2 by 1 meters each are required.


Access to the TDP building and also mains power is required from timing/data processing team arrival date until their departure date.

Ski Cross

Timing/Data building has to be placed in line with the finish line on the side of the course in order to let a clear view to the Finish Line Camera.

Aerials, Moguls, Dual Moguls, Halfpipe

Timing/Data building has to be placed in the Judges stands.

[edit] Data Processing

Announcer (CIS)

We’re providing a Laptop for the announcer with the competition data. We’ll provide cable connection between timing room and announcer location: this distance has to be not more than 80 meters. Mains power required (110/230 V)

Head Judge (AE, MO and HP)

A Laptop will be provided by us to the Head Judge to monitoring Aerials, Moguls and Halfpipe competitions.

Trainer Information System (TIS)

As mentioned above FIS may provide a so called Trainer Information System placed at the start of Ski Cross.

[edit] Mains power required

(110/230 V)

[edit] Telephone Lines

FIS may be capable of providing, Internet “LIVE SCORING” for the Freestyle FIS World Cup. The phone lines or internet connections as noted below are required in order to provide to this service. ISDN/ADSL is required in the timing building at the finish area to send data to FIS web site during competitions. Internet connection is also required (through ISDN, analog line or local internet connection) at the race office or where the Teams Captain Meeting (TCM) will take place.

[edit] Competition and Sponsor Logos

We need to collect all sponsor logos that have to be placed in the official printouts as soon as possible: please provide this information / artwork in;

.eps format (preferred one), .tif or .jpg as second choice.

You can send these files by e-mail to [] or provide us upon our arrival with a memory stick, with the files on it.

[edit] TV Graphics

Graphic Layout

FIS Data Service designed the layout for this years TV graphics according the FIS Graphic Requirements. The TV graphics handbook is available on request.

Technical Requirements

We are providing SDI signal to the Host Broadcaster (HB).

Format: 4:3 safe (PAL/NTSC)

  • Key-SD-SDI: FIS DATA SERVICE Graphics to TV Unit
  • Fill SD-SDI: FIS DATA SERVICE Graphics to TV Unit

We will need the following signals:

  • Black Burst Analog: TV Unit to FIS DATA SERVICE Graphics
  • Dirty Feed SDI or Analog: TV unit to FIS DATA SERVICE Graphics


Communication between TV Unit and


Live Coverage/ Post Production Coverage

Live Coverage

The TV Crew has to provide the cables (4x BNC plus Intercom) at the Timing/ Data Service Room.

The TV Crew has to provide two (2) Video Monitors (14”) to see the Dirty Feed and Preview Screen.

Post Production Coverage

We will provide .TGA files containing all graphics needed. They will be delivered on the FTP Server of the FIS Data Service

[edit] Printouts

Official printouts will be provided by Global-Sportservice.

  • Start list will be provided where the Team Captains Meeting will be held.
  • All official results sheets during competitions are printed at the finish building:
  • OC is fully in charge to collect them and provide a copy machine and volunteers in charge to make copies and distribution to all team’s captain, media and others requiring this information.

[edit] Weather Information

OC should provide weather information on competition days that will be entered in all result sheets:

Air Temperature (in °C) – Start and Finish

Wind Speed (in meter/sec) – Start and Finish

Wind Direction (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW)

Snow Temperature (in °C)

Not provided information will not be entered in the result sheets.

[edit] Entries / Jury / Course Data

Please provide us with entries you received from all the National Ski Federations upon our arrival using only the official FIS entry form.

Please assure that the forms are filled with FIS code before they are provided to us. Please also provide the jury member names, Chief of Course, Chief of Competition, aso.

If you store these entries in any digital format, please send them by e-mail before our arrival to

[edit] Data Service Accommodation and Meals

OC is in charge to supply single room accommodations with full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Number of technician is 4 (four) except for those locations where only Aerials are in the schedule in that case 3 (three) technicians will manage the event.

Modification in team size are possible for Deer Valley Event (+1), Moscow Dualmoguls (-1), tbc

Preferred accommodation is the same hotel of other FIS Officials.

[edit] Accreditation, Parking and On-hill Transportation

Full access accreditation is required for all technicians.


On-hill equipment transportation has to be provided as required.

In cases where no direct access to the TDB is possible, ground transportation is also required for Timing crew. (Skidoo or similar)

[edit] Volunteers

OC has to provide following volunteers:

  • 1 volunteer to help Starter
  • 2 volunteers for hand time at start and finish area for Moguls, Dual Moguls and Ski Cross as already mentioned above.

[edit] Also see;

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