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[edit] Cypress Venue Photos

[edit] OWG Vancouver 2010 Test Event February 2009

[edit] Cypress Freestyle Skiing Stadiums

[edit] Vancouver 2010 Competition Schedule

[edit] Vancouver 2010 OWG Competition Details

[edit] Vancouver 2010 OWG Team Captains Meetings Details

[edit] 2010 Olympic Selection Criteria

Freestyle Quotas allocation for 2010 OWG as of 01.04.09 [1]

World Ranking List Freestyle [2]

Will you be adding any new sports?

The sport program is set by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Snowboard cross and the team pursuit for long track speed skating were provisionally accepted by the IOC for Torino 2006, and have been formally accepted into the 2010 Winter Games sport program. As well, Vancouver 2010 will showcase the Olympic d├ębut of the freestyle ski event of Ski Cross. Any new sport discipline or event requests must be directed to the IOC for their consideration. For more information on how new sports are adopted, please visit the IOC website.[3]

[edit] IOC Guidelines Regarding Authorised Identifications

See the following link to download the this file: [4]

[edit] Olympic Medals in Freestyle Skiing

[edit] Injuries Vancouver 2010

[edit] Spectators - 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games

Sport event ticket sales

Event# of Tickets soldrank for skiing
Alpine skiing 54,7232
Bobsled 32,221
Biathlon 29,694
Cross-country skiing 36,3604
Curling 151,557
Freestyle skiing 69,1641
Figure skating 91,957
Ice hockey 556,638
Luge 25,018
Nordic combined 11,3966
Snowboard 46,1823
Ski jumping 27,8385
Skeleton 10,641
Speed skating 73,747
Short-track speed skating 46,106
Training figure skating 16,696
Sport event total 1,279,938

Freestyle Skiing Costs

Price A Ticket Sold # of Tickets Cost % of Ticket Group Price B # of Tickets Cost % of Ticket Group
34716 18219 $150 52% 16497 $75 48%
16810 8642 $125 51% 8168 $50 49%
17638 9224 $100 52% 8414 $50 48%

[edit] Final Report

  • Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Global Television and Online Media Overview [8]

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