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Here is an example of a Ski Cross Course Description;


[edit] Grindelwald, SUI March 05, 2008

Start at 2400m, Finish at 2170m Vertical Drop 230 M

Course Description

From the start platform at 2400m, there is an inrun followed by a medium jump at 26m of 5 m. Then there is a big roller 24 m away followed by an 8m jump at 23m. From the landing to there is a gate at 37m into long to a left turn followed by a 57m traverse into a banked turn to the right of 12 m long.

Then a turn to the left side 41m away followed by a big jump at 24m. The first gate is 41m away into a right turn followed by a long left turn to the left with the first gate at 34m and the second one at 30m. Then 49m to a big jump with a 47m landing followed at 10 by an 11m table top. This is then followed at 46m by a right turn of 6m to a corner jump at the end.

Then there is straight section of 41m to the first roller, then 19m two the second and 10m to the third roller then 11m to medium jump of 10m. The landing is 20m long to a left turn followed 28m away by a turn to the right of 20 long. Then followed at 35m by a small step down followed at 23 m by a left turn. There is then at 36m a long turn to the right followed by a medium straight jump 42m away.

The landing is 43m long into a left turn of 26m to the exit gate with a step down followed 45 m away by a small finish jump of 16m table.

The finish line is 22m away with a 55m finish area.

[edit] Branas SWE 2011

Start Vertical Drop 200 M Length 1004 M

Course Description After the start there is a Wutang @ 9m, Big roller @ 20m, Negative right turn @ 32m, Left bankturn @ 33m, Jump @ 23m landing @14m, Right bankturn @ 27m, Roller @ 14m, Left turn @ 26m, Big jump @ 49m landing @20m, right turn @ 25m, roller@39m, roller @10m,roller @10m, left turn @17m, Stepup @ 31m landing @14m, Right turn @ 18m, roller @20m, roller @21m, roller@21m, Left turn @ 34m, Cornerjump @ 18m, Big bank right turn @ 70m, Left turn @ 39m, Jump @30m landing @14m, Big roller @ 32m, roller @21m, @ Big jump @ 35m landing @14m, Roller @ 100m,Roller @ 14m, Roller @ 10m, Big jump @ 41m, finishline @38m.

[edit] Grindelwald, SUI March 05, 2005

Lenght 1306 meters

Vertical Drop 260 meters, 2428M start / 2168M finish

After the start, there is a medium sized roller, then a straight run to another double roller. Then a slight turn to the right, followed by two rollers. Then a slight turn to the left into a corner jump to the right, followed by a step down jump. Then a turn to the left and right then over a big jump into a long steep landing. After landing then a right turn, then a long sweeping left turn into a natural roll. After landing off of this jump, a slight turn to the left followed two rollers. Then there is a natural bank to the right, then over two rolls. Then a slight turn to the left. Then up to large table top jump. After landing, there is a turn to the left followed by nature banked turn to the right, then a small roller. Then there is a medium to large step up jump. After landing there is a straight roller, followed by a roller in a left turn. Then straight run towards the finish and over a step down jump.

[edit] Kreischberg AUT Ski Cross FIS World Cup January 19, 2005


Length:731 meters

Vertical Drop: 185 meters

1049 M start / finish 864 M

After the start, there is a steep inrun, then there is a small roller, followed by a big roller / jump. The large roller, which has a long landing, leads into a right turn, followed by a small roller. The following left flat turn leads into a flat right turn. After that, a medium corner jump, then a left turn that is followed by a long right turn over three rollers. The next big roller (jump) leads into a left turn, follow away to the outside. Then a long left turn is followed by a medium jump, which the landing is opposite to the take off. This then leads into a long right turn and after that, into a left turn. The next right turn is followed by a short traverse and a left turn, leading over the big final jump leading into long landing hill, then into the finish.

[edit] Pozza di Fassa ITA Ski Cross FIS World Cup January 14, 2005

Course Plaun Vertical Drop 200 meters, start 1520m / finish 1330m Length 850 M

From the start, there are two small rollers, followed by one more. Then a turn up the hill with a step down jump. There are then 5 rollers. At the end of the long traverse, there is another jump onto the main slope. This is followed by a sweep turn to the left, then over a small roll followed by a right traverse turn. This leads into big jump, followed by a sweeping turn to the left. Then there is a jump on a traverse with slight roll. Then there is a long right turn with a natural bank. Then another two medium sized rolled turns. Then there is a straight run in to a large jump coming into the finish area.

[edit] Deer Valley USA 2008

  • Name of course / Nom de la piste / Name der Strecke
    • Solid Muldoon
  • Start Area / de départ / Startplatz
    • Length/Longueur/Weite Angle/Angle/Winkel Width / Largeur/ Breite
    • 6m 2° 15m
  • Course / Piste / Strecke
    • Length/Longueur/Weite Angle/Angle/Winkel Width/ Largeur / Breite
    • 1065m 20° 15m
    • Vertical Drop 220m

Course Description: From the start there is a large jump at 25m, then two rollers at 38m, leading to a left banked turn at 36m, exiting the turn is a large roller at 25m followed by a right bank turn at 29m, exiting the turn is two rollers at 25m followed by a left banked turn at 23m which exits to a small flat jump at 27m with a landing 11m away, this is followed by a right banked turn at 28m followed by a small jump at 21m, then a left banked turn at 27m followed by a single roller at 21m, next is a right banked turn at 20m then a large jump at 39m with 14m to the landing, next is a double roller at 31m followed by a slight left turn at 42m, this proceeds uphill through a series of rollers 21m, 26m, 15m, 25m, 20m apart, this is immediately followed by a 90 degree right turn at 25m to a single roller at 25m leading to a medium jump at 35m followed by a landing at 8m which proceeds into a left banked turn at 21m into a small roller at 15m, next is a series of small rollers along the upper traverse at 19m, 31m and 21m followed by a small fall away roller at 10m which leads into a big left hand 180 degree turn onto the lower traverse for 63m, after 22m is an uphill right turn leading to the final large jump 41m away with the landing at 16m followed by a straight away to the finish for 46m.

[edit] Cypress Mountain CAN Course Description:

From start double wootang to step down jump into left bank turn to step up jump into right bank turn to step down left corner jump into left bank turn to step down right corner jump into right bank turn to large table top into traverse through two sets of double rollers into left banked turn to one set of double rollers into step down right corner jump to flat right turn into step up jump to right flat turn into step down jump to step up jump to double rollers into left corner jump to small left banked turn to large step down into large double rollers to finish.

[edit] Course Description

Start to Corner 1 / Speed- slow - medium Out of the gate its 4 meters to a short fall away transition. Then 5 meters to a small true table top jump. (wu tang) After the landing transition there is then another 5 meters to a 1.5 meter step down. After landing the step down there was roughly 25 meters to a medium sized jump. Landing area of the jump is large and flat deck is roughly 10 meters. Corner 1 to Corner 2 / Speed - medium

Corner 1 is a 90 degree left hand corner. After exiting corner 1 it’s roughly 30 meters to a medium sized step up jump. The jump is roughly 12 meters from the take off to the start of the landing transition. Upon landing corner two comes up quickly and it’s a 130 degree right hand turn.

Corner 2 to Corner 3 / Speed – medium

Out of corner 2 it’s about 40 meters to a table top jump with a slightly off camber landing that guides the athletes into corner 3. The table top has a deck of 10 meters in length. There is a wide entrance into corner 3 which is a 100 degree left hand turn.

Corner 3 to Corner 4 / Speed – medium

After exiting corner 3 there is a sudden roll down followed by a flat down jump taking the athletes from right to left from take off to landing. The landing area is large and the flat deck is roughly 7-12 meters inside to outside. Corner 4 is a 90 degree right hand corner which takes you out of the tighter upper section of the course.

Corner 4 to Corner 5 / Speed – medium to fast

Exiting corner 4 there is 35 meters to a large flat down jump. The jump has a flat deck of 12 – 15 meters and the landing area is large. Upon landing you then encounter a large double roller set that is 20 + meters from take off to landing. This is followed by a double set of rollers again that is set slightly uphill roughly 15 meters from take off to landing. Corner number 5 is a wide open 160 degree left hand turn.

Corner 5 to corner 6 / Speed - medium to fast

After leaving corner 5 there is 20 meters before another double set of rollers 14 meters from take off to landing. This is preceding a hip jump that takes the athletes from left to right. The flat deck varies from inside at 10 meters to outside at 16 meters. After landing you then redirect slightly to the right and line up for a large step up jump. The take off is long and the distance from the take off to the beginning of the landing is 20 + meters. Once back on the ground after the step up there is a slight roll leading the athletes into corner 6.

When exiting corner 6 the athletes climb up a ramp leading them into a step down that is 2 meters high and has a deck of 6 meters. This leads directly into a step up which is quickly followed by a steep jump airing the athletes back to their original elevation. The next feature is a roll which leads into another step up roller which is then followed by another step down that is 1.5 meters high and has a 5 meter deck. Corner 7 is an open 90 degree left hand turn.

Corner 7 to finish / Speed – medium – fast

Leaving corner 7 there is roughly 25 meters before a large hip jump that sets the athletes up for the finish feature. There is 30 meters of flat before airing a double down set of rollers. Upon landing the finish line is at the toe of the landing area of the rollers.

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