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  • Course Hold a brief stoppage of the competition until the Jury are sure the conditions on course are ready (can be due to a competitor down, poor course conditions, an obstruction on the course)
  • Interval the set time between different heats and phases. The time it take to complete one run, jump or performance in the competition. The start interval will vary between the different events, the qualification and the final and the level of competition.
  • Mixed Zone A dedicated Mixed Zone shall be provided at the base of the Finish Area, beside the field of play so attending RHB’s and other members of the media may conduct short informal interviews with the competitors. The Mixed Zone shall be set-up by the OC in consultation with the HB.
  • Postproduction is part of the Competition Organization process. It occurs in all levels of competition. It is term for all stages of production, training and competition phases after the actual end of competition. Postproduction is, in fact, many different processes grouped under one name. These typically include: Obtaining media reports, audience statistics, distribution of competition results and media reports, taking down of the course and preparing the final report.
  • Pre-production usually only commences once a project has been developed. At this stage a competition project will generally be fully financed and have most of the key elements such as location, Organizing Committee and Chief of Competition in place, as well as a TV producer. During pre-production, the run down and competition schedule is broken down into individual phases and all the course sections, equipment, competition officials and invitation has been prepared. An extremely detailed competition schedule is produced and arrangements are made for the necessary equipment and services are available to the organizer at the appropriate times. Course features are constructed, the section crews are identified, ski area arrangements are put in place and a starting time for the beginning of competition is set. At some point in pre-production there will be a dry run of the competition schedule which is usually attended by all cast major competition officials, all leaders of the organizing committee, ski area management, TV producers, communications professionals, and if possible the FIS officials.
  • Rundown sheet is a simple review of the competition schedule for the with directions for the various competition crews. It breaks the competition into "blocks" split by competition phases, TV program and commercial breaks and it lists all the different pieces of the competition schedule and what should happen during these pieces (e.g. a graphic will display, or a video tape will be played). This is useful for the organizers and TV crew so that they do not have to read through an entire script during production, they have the show in a simplified form.
  • Venue Includes the Stadium and all of the related Infrastructure.

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