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Chief of Timing

Position: Chief of Timing The Chief of Timing is responsible for the coordination of officials at the start and finish, the synchronization of the timing and the accuracy of the timing results. This official is responsible for supervising, documenting and enforcing the quality control of actual timing and results. With the exception of lower-level non-scored events, where staffing issues may require it, the Chief of Timing is not intended to be the individual operating the electronic timing equipment or the timing / result software.


[edit] Job Descriptions:

The Chief of Timing is responsible for the accurate tabulation of all on-hill scoring procedures other than judging. This pertains to the official timing of each competitor's run. The Chief of Timing must also see that all records are delivered to the Chief of Calculation for scoring.

[edit] Responsibilities:

  • At the officials meeting, coordinate all timing personnel.
  • Distribute proper forms and equipment.
  • Test run the timing procedures with all personnel.
  • Be sure that the electronic timing and backup are in sync.
  • Inspect procedures and recordkeeping during and after the event.
  • Report all infractions regarding timing to The Chief of Scoring.

[edit] General Duties:

  • plan and set-up all facilities required for timekeeping
  • review current policies and rules applicable to timing the event
  • train the team of timekeeping sub-chiefs and then develop a detailed task timeline with each team
  • train timing, calculations, results and announcing teams
  • prepare all timekeeping forms
  • procure timekeeping materials with the assistance of the Chief of Equipment
  • acquire and install timing, calculations and announcer equipment suitable for the level of event
  • co-ordinate the flow of all timekeeping information
  • produce prompt and accurate results
  • liaise with Chief of Competition and other Competition Committee Chiefs
  • review the integration of video use in determining order of finish and assisting Jury decisions

[edit] To Achieve Efficiency and Accuracy:

  • keep the number of Timekeeping Officials to a minimum
  • keep the number of operating procedures to a minimum
  • rehearse timing procedures

[edit] Pre Race:

  • ensure Computer Operator is present at the draw
  • ensure distribution of start lists to all timekeeping officials
  • oversee testing of the interface between computer and timing unit
  • test the communications network as it pertains to timekeeping (headsets, radios, telephones)
  • rehearse the start-up of the timing system with the Electronic Timing team and Manual Timing teams.
  • establish with The Chief of Controllers and other officials an information flow plan for reporting “did not start (DNS)” and did not finish (DNF)” and rule infraction reports of skiers to Chief of Results or Manual Calculations.

The principal objective of timekeeping is to provide prompt and accurate results by providing each skier with an interval finish time, and promptly providing unofficial results.

[edit] During Race:

  • check synchronization of electronic timing unit, start/display clocks, manual watches (check with Chief of Manual Timing, etc.). Check immediately after the start and check, throughout the race, approximately every 10 to 20 minutes
  • start race at direction of Chief of Competition
  • be alert for potential problems
  • check with The Timing Bib Recorder, The Chief of Controllers and Finish Referee to determine that all skiers are accounted for, and authorize the closure of the timing system.

[edit] Post Race

  • evaluate validity of timing results with Chief of Results

The procedures will vary according to the nature of the competition and the communications equipment in use, but is important to collect controller report sheets for the Competition Secretary and the reporting of DNS and DNF skiers for timekeeping purposes.

[edit] Equipment:

  • Start list, stop watch (synchronized with the timing system), master officials list, pencil, pad, clipboard, radio/headset.
  • Keep the start line as clear as possible
  • Keep the stadium area clear of all but the most necessary Timekeeping Official

[edit] Reports To:

[edit] Equipment Requirements

[edit] Supervises:

  • Electric Timing Operator
  • Hand Timing Operator(s)
  • Recorder
  • Runner

[edit] Rule Book:

[edit] Also See:

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