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The Chief of Sport Production is responsible for coordinating the activities of the announcing team and gathering and distributing announcing information.


[edit] Duties:

  • gather event and competitor statistics, sponsor and thank you lists for the Announcer
  • prepare, with the Announcer, an agenda of activities, weather reports, music, etc.
  • supervise the setup of the Public Address System and, with the announcer, test the system prior to the start of the days activities
  • gather weather and snow condition reports prior to the event and co-ordinate arrangements for updates during the event
  • arrange for and facilitate the supply of relevant unofficial and official results to the Announcer
  • arrange interviews with winners
  • arrange, with the Chief of Results, for awards presentation information
  • coordinate, with the awards presenters and the Announcer, how and when the awards will take place

[edit] Equipment:

  • clipboard,
  • start lists,
  • suitable music,
  • national anthem
  • competitor background
  • competition information

[edit] Coordinates

[edit] Reports to

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