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Job Descriptions

The Chief of Course has the responsibility of designing, preparing, maintaining, and dismantling the courses. They must supervise the duties of the Chief of Sound and the Chief of Course and direct the work of the course preparation crew.

The Chief of Course supervises the work of the Course Maintenance Workers/Crew. These workers set protective fencing, Willy bags and spectator fencing. They carry equipment required for gate repair and snow removal and also assist with required chemical preparation of the race courses in accordance with the instructions of the Jury.

They must insure that all courses conform to the specifications required by rules, safety inspection and that other requirements of the TD, the Jury and Organizing Committee are fulfilled. They must develop a close working relationship with mountain personnel for the construction and maintenance of courses.


[edit] Responsibilities

  • Supervision of all course work.
  • Training and organizing all course personnel.
  • Maintains contact with Chief of Competition and 3034.1 the Competitors’ Advisory Committees.
  • Must communicate with the TD as requested.
  • Oversee responsibilities for all subordinates.
  • Be aware of changing weather conditions and its requirements for course maintenance.
  • Coordinates area personnel and equipment.

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