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Job Descriptions


[edit] Job Descriptions:

The Chief of Competition is the director of all competition activities. This person is responsible for the overall Technical preparation, Administration, execution and supervision of the competition. The Chief of Competition is a member of the Jury.

[edit] Responsibilities

[edit] Before the Event

  • Be a member of the organizing committee responsible for technical input.
  • Structure and train officials suited to the competition.
  • Plans the course locations and layouts with The Chief of Course.
  • Develops a time schedule for all activities with the officials.
  • Acquires current policies, rules, regulations and forms applicable to the event; ie: previous results for forerunner selection, homologation report.
  • Corresponds with TD concerning progress on all officials duties.
  • Requests TD inspections as required.
  • Provides a practice or "dry run" of event involving all officials in their appropriate positions.
  • Chairs the team captains meeting with a prepared agenda.
  • Supervises the Draw.

[edit] On the Day of the Event

(See time schedule for reference).

  • Chairs officials meeting at registration area.
  • Supervises the distribution of all equipment and supplies to officials.
  • Supervises all competition activities from a strategic location.
  • Maintains close communication with the TD.
  • Assembles the Jury at the request of the TD.
  • Keep close contact with team captains regarding course conditions.
  • Instructs Chief of Course regarding any required course maintenance during event and schedules when to do so.

[edit] Reports To

[edit] Supervises Directly;

[edit] Rule Book and Course Specifications References

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