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[edit] 3045 Calculation & Announcement of Results

[edit] 3045.1 Unofficial Scores

Scores and Rankings taken by The Chief of Scoring shall be considered unofficial scores. Whenever possible, unofficial scores should be an-nounced to the public with their provisional status clearly indicated.

[edit] 3045.2 Official Results

3045.2.1 Official Results are determined from the scores and rankings of those competitors who have not been disqualified.

3045.2.2 Official Results Information

The Official Results must contain the following information:

  • Name of Competition Sponsor;
  • Name of Competition;
  • Site of Competition;
  • Date and Time of Competition;
  • General Course Standards;
  • Name of Organisation, Club or Association;
  • Complete Scoring Calculations (i.e.: individual judges scores and where applicable degree of difficulty factors, speed of competitor, speed points, Dual Moguls protocols, Ski Cross protocols);
  • Sanction of National Ski Association and FIS;
  • Signature of TD approving the above list.

The names of each nation must be indicated by the FIS code of three capital letters.

The Results are made official following an inspection by both the Chief of Scoring and the Head Judge and by the application of their signatures.

3045.2.3 Results for both Qualifications and Finals must be published.

3045.2.4 There can never be any prize giving ceremonies before the end of a competition.

[edit] 3045.3 Calculation of Scores

3045.3.1 All published scores are to be rounded down or truncated to two (2) decimal places and used in further calculations only in the truncated form. These results and scores include; Moguls times, Moguls speed calculations, average of Moguls scores, total Aerials results, tie breaking formulae and combined calculations. The Degree of Difficulty (DD) are always presented in their original form. (see 6006 Judges Manual)

3045.3.2 The total score from the Finals determines the winner. This system is effected by specific variations in scoring procedures in each competition as outlined in the FIS Freestyle Judging Manual, Aerials 6000, Moguls 6200, Dual Moguls 6300, Halfpipe 6400 and Ski Cross 4500.

[edit] 3045.4 Tie Breaking is performed by The Chief of Scoring.

3045.4.1 3045.4.1 Ties in any of the three events will be broken using tie breaking procedures. The first procedure to be used is the complete score comparison. If still tied, then a judge-by-judge score comparison will be used. Refer to Judging Manual 6009, 6204.5, 6304.2.1.1 and 6304.2.1.2. If the tie cannot be broken, the competitors will receive the better place and the following place will be unused. (FS0509-15)


13th 28.6

14th 26.0

14th 26.0

16th 24.2

17th 24.0

3045.4.2 If there is an unbreakable tie in the results of the Qualifications for the last place of the Final field, all tied competitors go through to the Final. For Ski Cross see rule 4505.2.3.

3045.4.3 In the event of an unbreakable tie between the qualifiers for the Final, the Final start order for tied competitors shall be the reverse of their Qualifications start order.

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