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[edit] Call to Order @ 15:00

Branas Lodge Tent

Freestyle FIS World Cup link: [1]

LOC Web site [2]

[edit] Roll Call

AUS Australia

AUT Austria

CAN Canada

CZE Czech Republic

DEN Danmark

FIN Finland

FRA France

GER Germany

GBR Great Britain

ITA Italy

LIE Liechtenstein

JPN Japan

NOR Norway

NZL New Zealand

POL Poland

ROM Romania

RUS Russia

SLO Slovenia

SUI Switzerland

SWE Sweden

USA United States of America

(20 Nations)

[edit] Welcome from the Organizers

Mats Anderson welcomes the teams to Branas Sweden

Organisation :

[edit] 3043.7 Draw

All of the entries need to be confirmed by the teams and the data service performs the draw.

Start List for Qualifications and Finals

[edit] 3020.2.1 Report of the day by the O.C.

[edit] Presentation of the Organizing Committee

The Organisers

The Organisers

The Freestyle FIS World Cup event in Branas.

Chief of Start Pär Bergqvist

Starter Jan-Anders Carlsson

Assistant Starter Eva-Lena Bergqvist Anki Bengtsson

Chief of Finish (in Jury) Ola Berg

Chief of Competition (in Jury)

Jan Karlstam, Fredrik Sterner

Section Chiefs

Anders Jansson, Stefan Henriksson

Stefan Bengtsson, Malvin Fredriksson

Mats Forslund, Jonte Askman

Gate Judges Flagposts

Gunde Rehn,

Leif Jakobsson,

Jan-Erik Asplund,

Alf Larsson,

Per-Erik Jansson,

Samuel nord,

Udo Johansson,

Thomas Hagberg, Kenneth Berg

Course Maintenance

Michael Uggla,

Karl Uggla,

Markus Uggla,

Erik Littner,

Hans-Olov Evensson,

Carin hansdotter,

Daniel Persson,

Martin Bengtsson,

Sebastian Carlsson,

Urban Cristensson,

Pontus Hulten,

Henric Bergqvist

Slippers Chiefs Olle Nyström, Hampus Tillberg, Olav Cristoferson

Martin Bergqvist,

Karin Halvardsson,

Gun-britt Cristoferson,

Malin Bengtsson,

Emma Melin,

David Bengtsson,

Henrik Berg,

Mikaela Thorvall,

Daniel Askman,

John Cristoferson

Color Crew (Jonte Askman,)

Erik Littner,

Carin Hansdotter,

Martin Bengtsson

Bibs Karolina K, Susanne K, Eva N , Hans H, Moa Ö, Julia H

Exit-Gate Control accr Maja Bengtsson, Johanna Nilsson

Medical Person – Doctor

Gerold Kretschmar + 1

3 p- SOS People + Bengt Thorvall

[edit] Production Team

Sound System Branäs

Speakers Petter Levin, Claes Widell

[edit] Presentation of the Jury & FIS Officials

3032/3033 Appointment of Jury (TD, Head Judge, Chief of Competition)

Chief of Competition: Ski Cross: Jan Karlstam

FIS Technical Delegate: Martina Rentschler, GER

Referee Ola Berg

FIS Freestyle Coordinator/Race Director: Joe Fitzgerald, FIS


[edit] Program of the Week

See the schedule here as a PDF file:

[edit] Technical Delegate Report

The TD reported that the course have been measured.

There was a review with the TV company and also the safety requirements. There is around 2 km of B fence and in some locations triple fences.

The course is very well prepared and ready for training and competition.

The organizer needs to be prepared to remove snow off of the course and I hope for good weather for the competition. I understand they have the person in place for this as early as 06.00.

[edit] FIS Report

New FIS Points List

Entries Report

122 skiers

[edit] World Cup Leaders Bibs




[edit] Advisory Committees

Advisory Committee

Ladies Moguls

Men's Moguls

[edit] Connection Coaches



Ski Cross


[edit] Air Bump Shapers

Moguls Air Bump Shapers Connection Coaches 08-09

Air Bump Shapers

Top , RUS

Bottom , CZE

[edit] Forerunners




[edit] Weather Forecast

Days 0-3 Branas Weather Summary:

A moderate fall of snow, heaviest on Sat morning. Temperatures will be below freezing (max -2°C on Sun morning, min -10°C on Mon night). Wind will be generally light.

Days 4-6 Branas Weather Summary:

A dusting of new snow. Temperatures will be below freezing (max 0°C on Wed afternoon, min -8°C on Tue night). Winds increasing (calm on Tue night, fresh winds from the N by Thu night).


[edit] Program of the Next Day – 2009

Breakfast / Petit déjeuner / Frühstück 7:15

First run on lift / Ouverture des remontées mécaniques / Erste Bergfahrt 7:45

Ladies Course Inspection 8:45 9:15

Coaches and Photographers in Place 9:15 9:30

Ladies Qualfication Training 9:30 10:00

Course Preparation 10:00 10:10

Course Freeeze 10:10 10:12

Ladies Forerunners 10:12 10:15

Ladies Qualifications 10:15 10:40

Course Preparation 10:40 10:45

Men's Course Inspection 10:45 11:15

Coaches and Photographers in Place 11:15 11:30

Men's Qualfication Training 11:30 12:00

Course Preparation 12:00 12:25

Course Freeeze 12:25 12:27

Men's Forerunners 12:27 12:30

Men's Qualifications 12:30 13:15

Ladies and Men's Ski Cross


Course Inspection 9:15 9:45

Ladies and Men's Finalist Training 10:00 10:45

Course Preparation 10:45 11:00

Ladies and Men's Finals 11:00 12:30

Prizegiving 12:30

Location of Prizegiving: In Finish Area

[edit] Information from the Organizers

[edit] Close of the Meeting/Next Meeting

Agenda Points postponed

To Do List

FIS Freestyle World Cup Team Captains Meetings

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