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As part of the 2009-2010 FIS Freestyle World Cup Tour


[edit] About Branäs

Branäs ski resort is one of the largest and fastest growing in Sweden, situated in the north of Värmland, 170 kilometers north of Karlstad.

Branas in Sweden is a medium sized ski resort with 6 ski lifts (1 gondola, 5 surface lifts) that offers skiers a respectable 415 metres (1362 feet) of vertical descent. Branas has 23 pistes. Branas is best suited to beginner skiers and snowboarders but there is some terrain for both expert and intermediates. There are 15 kilometers (9 miles) of cross country ski trails at Branas. For snowboarders and freeskiers, there are 2 terrain parks. The majority of the pistes at Branas are covered by snowmaking.

A FIS Freestyle World Cup 2008-2009 was arranged in Branäs and due to a successful organization a FIS Freestyle World Cup will take place in Branäs even this year.

Image:Branas pistemap.jpg


[edit] Ski Area

With 23 slopes and 13 ski lifts (1 gondola) we have the capacity to service up to 9500 guests per hour.

Elevation drop 415 meters Longest run 3 km

  1. Dog Park, 1 Happy Park, 1 BigAirBAg
  2. areas assigned for children, called ”the South Pole” and ”the North Pole”

[edit] The Track

Branäs ski resort is first in the world to build the track from the ground and not only with snow. The track is 1040 m long and filled with jumps, velodromes and terrain waves.

Starting Coordinates

  • Latitude: N 60°39.069' / N 60°39'04.165" / N +60.6511570
  • Longitude: E 12°57.412' / E 12°57'24.778" / E +12.9568830

Ending Coordinates

  • Latitude: N 60°39.478' / N 60°39'28.739" / N +60.6579831
  • Longitude: E 12°57.858' / E 12°57'51.505" / E +12.9643070

[edit] Organizing Committee

  • Event Manager Mats Andersson
  • Chief of Competition Jan Karlstam
  • Chief of Course Philip Karlstam
  • Marketing director/ Branäs Anna-Karin Jeppsson
  • Food & lodging Annika Lodin, Jessica Thorvall
  • Chief of Medical Bengt Thorvall

[edit] Photos from the competition

[edit] References

  • Branäs website [1]
  • webcam [2]
  • Torsby See Wikipedia [3]
  • See clips from last year’s promotion film [4]
  • site link [5]
  • FIS World Cup Link 2009-2010 [6]

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