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[edit] Bib Number Assignment Freestyle World Cup

The organiser must provide a separate set of numbered bibs for each event (men’s and ladies / moguls, aerials, halfpipe and ski cross) they are hosting.

The bib numbers will start at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.

The number of bibs will be determined by the LO Competition Management.

OC Competition Management will assign the bib numbers for Moguls, Aerials, HalfPipe and Ski Cross training after the closing date of entries.

[edit] Bib Assignment Procedure

The first 25 competitors ranked in each mogul, aerial and halfpipe event will be assigned with bib numbers which correspond to their World Cup ranking.

If the competitor is not entered, the bib will not be assigned. Competitors ranked 26 and lower will be randomly assigned bib numbers 26 and above.

[edit] Training and Competition Bibs

Moguls / Aerials / HalfPipe

The training and competition bibs will be assigned for the full duration official training, qualification competition and final of moguls, halfpipe and aerials, by event and gender according to the most recent Freestyle FIS World Cup event standings.

In the case of the first competition of the season, the previous World Cup standing will be used.

Special colored bibs are used to represent the World Cup leader (yellow color) and the past season world cup winner (blue color). On these bibs the number is replaced with the FIS Logo or Tour sponsor logo.

[edit] Ski Cross

Training Bibs

The training bibs for Ski Cross will be assigned by event and gender according to the most recent Freestyle FIS World Cup event standings and FIS Points.

Qualification phase

The bibs for the ski cross qualification phase will be assigned according to the qualification start order. See 4505.3

Final Phase

The numbered bibs for the final phase will be assigned according to the qualification ranking.

The colored bibs denoting the ranking in the qualification are provided in every heat by each competitor, in the order of their ranking in the qualification (lowest bib chooses first, etc.) to be worn over the numbered bibs.

[edit] Transition from Qualification to Final Ski Cross

At the end of the Qualification, the OC must collect each of the bibs at the exit of the Finish Area.

They then need to sort the bibs to ensure that they have bibs, 1 to 32 or 1 - 16.

If any bibs are missing, then these need to be replaced with blank bibs, and this blank bib needs to be number according to the rank of the skier in the qualification.

These bibs are delivered to the start before the Inspection for the Ski Cross.

The bibs are provided to the skiers at the start, based upon the ranking in the Qualification, 1st place / fastest time gets 'bib 1', 2nd place gets 'bib 2' etc.

[edit] Bib Report Outputs

After assigning the bibs, FIS Data Service will issue the outputs:

• Entry List by Event (C32C)

• Entry List by NSA (C32E)

• Bib Assignment by Event (C45D)

which should be distributed according to the FIS distribution rules after verification by FIS and LO Competition Management.

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