Are SWE DM DRAW Team Captains Meeting 13.02.09

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[edit] Call to Order

Dual Mogul Draw

Congratulations for the wins today:

BILODEAU Alexandre CAN see results here: [1]

MARBLER Margarita AUT see results here: [2]

Freestyle FIS World Cup link: [3]

LOC Web site [4]

Ski Area web Site [5]

Teams are asked to check the entries!!!

Dual Moguls (estimated numbers)

Entries Report

33 ladies from 12 nations

63 men from 17 nations

total 96 skiers from 19 nations

[edit] Roll Call

AUS Australia

AUT Austria

CAN Canada

CZE Czech Republic

FIN Finland

FRA France

GER Germany

GBR Great Britain

GRE Greece

ITA Italy

JPN Japan

KAZ Kazakhstan

NED Netherlands

NOR Norway

RUS Russia

SLO Slovenia

SUI Switzerland

SWE Sweden

USA United States of America

( 19 Nations)

[edit] 3043.7 Draw

All of the entries need to be confirmed by the teams and the data service performs the draw.

Start List for Qualifications and Finals

[edit] 3020.2.1 Report of the day by the O.C.

The organizer are happy with the competition. The TV worked out well and we were on time for the final.

[edit] Presentation of the Organizing Committee

Chief of Competition Anders Mascot Olofsson

Chief of Course - Dual Moguls Jan Tjärnström 070-6574984

Chief of Start Hansi Wiesner 070-2150619 Start

Scoring/Timing Global Sport Services

[edit] Presentation of the Jury & FIS Officials

3032/3033 Appointment of Jury (TD, Head Judge, Chief of Competition)

Chief of Competition Moguls and Aerials Anders Olafson SWE

FIS Technical Delegate Christian Lavoie, CAN

Head Judge John Buhler, CAN

FIS Freestyle Coordinator / Race Director Joe Fitzgerald, FIS

[edit] Presentation of Judges

3045.3 Introduction of the Judges

SWE Are, 13.-14.02.09

J. Buhler, CAN (H.J.)

A. Blomquist, SWE

T. Korkalainen, FIN

M. Ferry, SWE

A. Leppäluoto, FIN

S. Buchanen, USA

T. Sundequist, JPN

W. Dopfer, GER


[edit] Technical Delegate Report

210/211 Report by the Technical Delegate

Homologation Number

Mogul course Slalombacken

Start Area: 20 meters at 0 degrees

Course: 210 meters long at 27 degrees

1st air bump: is 34 meters from start

2nd air bump: is 173 meters from start

Finish area: is 43 meters at 12 degrees

Course width: 6.5 meters between the gates for the red and blue courses

Course fence to fence: 20 meters wide

[edit] Advisory Committee

3034 Appointment of Competitor Committee

Advisory Committee

Chief of Course:Jan Tjärnström SWE

Ladies Moguls: M. MARBLER AUT

Men's Moguls: A. BILODEAU CAN

[edit] Air Bump Shapers/Connection Coaches

3034.2 Appointment of jump shapers / Air Bump Shapers


Moguls Air Bump Shapers Connection Coaches 08-09

Air Bump Shapers

Top: Harold Marbler, AUT

Bottom: Fabien Bertrand, FRA

Connection Coach

Are, SWE Fabien Bertrand, FRA

Thanks to these Individuals for the help on the course

Moguls Air Bump Shapers Connection Coaches 08-09

[edit] Forerunners

Dual Moguls Saturday:

Ladies Qualification:

David Sätherberg

Jens Lauritz

Alexander Olofsson

Mens qualification:

Emil Eriksson

Fredrik Sätherberg

Ludvig Fjällström

[edit] Weather Forecast


Sunrise 8:03

Sunset 16:37

Tomorrows Forecast

A dusting of new snow. Temperatures will be below freezing (max -2°C on Fri morning, Wind will be generally light.

Link to Snow Forecast weather report. [[6]]

[edit] Program of the Next Day

Program details see offical program

Live TV on SVT and also shown in ITA, Russia, Japan, Norway and Finland

Breakfast / Petit déjeuner / Frühstück 7:00

First run on lift / Ouverture des remontées mécaniques / Erste Bergfahrt 7:30

Coaches Inspection / Inspection coaches / Trainer Inspektion 7:55 8:10

Ladies Athlete Inspection / Inspection compétiteurs / Athleten Inspektion 8:25 8:35

Ladies Official Training / Entraînement officiel / Offizielles Training 8:40 9:20

Forerunners / Ouvreurs / Vorläufer 9:25 9:30

Start Time of Qualifications – Ladies/ Heure de départ / Startzeit (33) 9:30 10:10

Men's Athlete Inspection / Inspection compétiteurs / Athleten Inspektion 10:10 10:20

Men's Official Training / Entraînement officiel / Offizielles Training 10:20 11:05

Forerunners / Ouvreurs / Vorläufer 11:10 11:15

Start Time of Qualifications – Men's/ Heure de départ / Startzeit (63) 11:15 12:35

Course Preparation 12:35 13:15

Training for Finalist / Entraînement pour les finalistes / Training für Finalisten 13:15 13:45

Start Time of Finals – Ladies (8) and Men's (16)/ Heure de départ / Startzeit 14:00 14:50

Time of prizegiving / Heure de la remise des prix / Ort der Preisverteilung 15:00

Location: In Finish Area

[edit] Mogul Competition Program

Chairlift Access

WC Liften Double Chair


Flower Cermonies: to immediately follow events Top 3 and WC leaders on all days in the Finish Area.

Awards Cermonies: 'Stjarntorget' Top 3

Prize Money: There will be taxes (Sweden Regulations) taken off the Prize Money at the Team Captains meeting. passport will be needed to collect money

[edit] FIS Report

- Courses Access by coaches and rule 3056.

- Athlete Elections: FIS Athletes' Commission

- Rookie of the year Nominations see 10.6.2 Rookie of the Year

- WC Finals, for the final in La Plagne FRA, this will be a Dual Moguls Competition. Skiers, will be seeded into the Final Rounds

[edit] Information from the Organizers

Breakfast at 06:30 - 09:30

Please pay your rooming fees at TEGEFJALL reception by tomorrow

Lastest checkout time is 11.00 on Sunday

Apartment Keys need to left at reception or the wooden box outside

Bibs are to be collected in the finish area

Tomorrows dinner will be the banquet at 19.30, dinner starts at 20:00. It is located at the Country Club, close to town square in the center of the village. In the Hotel Are Garden. See: [7]

[edit] Close of the Meeting

Hope you enjoyed your stay in Are!!

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