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The Announcer is responsible for providing a continuous supply of information to the public, coaches, and skiers at the race site by means of a public address system. Announcers should be encouraged to describe the action, but in any close finish, let the results come from the officials. After stopping, competitors should be able to hear their unofficial elapsed time or score announced. Depending on the level of the event and available equipment and personnel, there is usually an announcer that can be heard from the finish area. Disqualification information – bib # and competitor name – may also be announced; the announcement of the disqualification information and the protest period expiration time is accepted in place of the actual posting of the Report by the Referee.


[edit] Job Descriptions:

The Announcer is responsible for providing informational, biographical, scoring or announcements over the sound systems to spectators, officials or competitors.

[edit] Responsibilities:


  • Obtain as much pertinent information as possible and announce.
  • Weather conditions, temperature, wind, etc.
  • Countdown to start; 15 minutes; 10 minutes; and 5 minute warnings
  • Maintain silence for at least one minute before races are scheduled to start (avoids interfering with communication between timekeeping officials)
  • Competitor profiles
  • Sponsor acknowledgements
  • Visiting dignitaries
  • Location of services and facilities

Training and Competition

The Announcer is striving to maintain spectator interest by continually supplying the crowd with stimulating commentary of a play-by-play nature.

  • Introduction of each skier entering the start gate. Name pronunciation should be correct, and information
  • Should include basic facts such as age, home town, club/division affiliation, past performances of note. Adapt skier introductions to suit different event start methods.
  • Report on special status of any skiers or start times or injuries
  • Report of skiers who did not finish DNF
  • Warning announcements following events and start times
  • Sponsor acknowledgements
  • Bulletins to skiers to go to start area or clear the course, etc.
  • Provide information on:
    • Scores
    • Ranking
    • Competitor's names, bib number and ski area
    • Competitors biographical information (after run)
    • Information on Freestyle Skiing in general
    • Upcoming events
    • Training programs
    • Officials at event
    • Sponsors listing
    • Judges at event


  • Announce unofficial results - remind audience that times are “unofficial”
  • Announce time and location of Awards Presentations
  • Congratulate winners and all competitors, officials, coaches, sponsors, organizers
  • Announce medal winners at on-site awards presentations

[edit] Reports To:

[edit] Freestyle Equipment List:

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