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[edit] Almaty Kazakhstan 2011

The 7th Asian Winter Games will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2011. The documents for the hosting city were signed in Kuwait on January 5, 2006.

The Government of Kazakhstan plans to allocate US$726 mln in the 2008 budget for construction and renovation of the sports facilities for the games, including the Medeo skating rink and the Shymbulak skating area to the south east of the city.

  • Stadium Almaty Central Stadium
  • Opening Cermony 30 Jan 2011
  • Closing Cermony 06 Feb 2011
  • Host City Astana - Almaty
  • Country Kazakhstan
  • Nations Participating 45
  • Athletes est. 2500
  • Events 59
  • Sports 12
  • Disciplines 11
Tabagan Sport Base KAZ aerial site development
Tabagan Sport Base KAZ aerial site development
Mogul course development Tabagan Sport Base KAZ
Mogul course development Tabagan Sport Base KAZ

[edit] Development of the Freestyle Competition Courses

The new complex "Tabagan" is located in the Talgar area of Almaty region, near the national nature reserve.

It is 17 km from Almaty. This complex occupies 55 hectares of land, at an elevation of 1650 m above sea level.

The terrain and favorable weather characteristics of this district allow for year-round operation of the complex. During the winter it is used for downhill skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling.

[edit] Contact Information

  • Astana-Almaty Asian Winter Games Organizing Committee
  • 13, Imanova Street, Business Center" Nursaulet" Astana ,010000
  • Republic of Kazakhstan

[edit] Freestyle Skiing

The Freestyle Skiing events of Moguls, Aerials and Dual Moguls competitions will be held at Shymbulak Alpine Ice Resort.

[edit] Ski Area

Shymbulak Alpine Ice Resort

Also, planed reconstruction of Shymbulak Alpine Ice Resort - it will be obligated to conduct competitions in alpine skiing and freestyle skiing. The planned delivery term of venue is autumn 2010. At this time made a comprehensive development of Shymbulak Ski Complex.

The total length of the runs, on average, has doubled. The liveliest part of the driving area was increased by 10-20 times. On the slopes are snow guns, there is the replacement of cables ropeways. Ski trails in compliance with all standards of the International Federation of ski sports FIS. In the future it is planned to extend tracks up to the glacier Karlytau. After that, by the length of its tracks, Shymbulak will be as good as the world’s leading ski resorts.

There also will be reconstructed hotel, built spa center, restaurants. There will be modern systems of time measurement, information boards required for the competition worldwide. Also, starting an international school of mountain skiing and snowboarding, will be built underground parking for 2000 cars and the modern cable-way from Medeo to Shymbulak, length of 4.5 km.

Under the new gondola line going up to ski slopes will not exceed 15 minutes. In the gondola will be 115 booths, speed - 5 meters per second, capacity - 2000 people per hour. The concept is developed with the view that the gondola road from Medeu to Shymbulak, as well as the cable-ways at the Shymbulak were as a whole, allowing skiers and tourists during the 35 minutes being in the highest point of the resort at Talgar Pass. All work will be completed by the beginning of the Games.

[edit] Reference

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