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[edit] Code ICR 4202.1.4.6 Air Bump Criteria and Specifications

[edit] A system used the quicky construct the air bumps

[edit] Measuring the width of the air bumps

[edit] Adding water to harden the takeoff surface

[edit] Cutting the space between the air bumps

JL Air Bump Jump Length

[edit] Maximum Distance - the end of the last bump to the take off (m) Measurement 4.0m – 5.0m

LZ Landing Zone

[edit] Maximum Distance - airbump takeoff to end landing (m) (LZ) Measurement 15.0 m

JH Jump Height

[edit] Height of the Air Bump (JH) (cm)Measurement50 - 60 cm

LA Landing Angle

[edit] Landing Zone Angle (LA) in degrees (°) Measurement Greater than 26°


TA Takeoff angle

[edit] Takeoff Angle (TA) in degrees of jump (°) Measurement 26° to 30°

AW Airbump width

[edit] Air Bump Width (not less than in cm) Measurement 120 cm

[edit] On going prepartion tasks and work during a mogul training session

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