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[edit] 3043.4.2 Aerials Start Command

3043.4.2.1 The wind condition (velocity) in which the competitor is allowed to start.

[edit] 3043.4.2.4 Start Permission and “Three Phase Start

Start permission and starting time control at OWG, WSC and WC, competitions will be determined by means of a three-colored (red-yellow-green) signal and a digital display which are connected and run by a adjustable program.

During the red phase (start preparation), the clock does not run and is set at 15 seconds. During next yellow phase, (5 seconds) the clock starts to run down from 15 seconds and then switches after 10 seconds to the green phase.

The starting time will be finished after 15 seconds and the display then shows ‘0’. At ‘0’, the light automatically changes back to red and the starting procedure for the next competitor begins.

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