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The Aerial Maintenance Crew consists of six crews:

# of Crews Crew Type # of people / crew
3 Aerial Hill Choppers 14
1 Jump builders 4
1 Steppers 5
1 Finish Area Maintenance Crews 3

[edit] Aerial Hill Choppers

Aerial Hill Choppers – The hill chopper crews are responsible for softening the aerial landing hill. By chopping the hill with ice picks and sharpened shovels, they ensure that the hill is not icy and is clear of large chunks or clumps of hard snow. The landing hill needs to be chopped one to one and a half three metres deep.

Once the landing hill is properly chopped and softened, pine boughs are dispersed evenly to make the landing area more visible to the athletes. Hill chopper crews ensure that the landing area is free of all hard or damaging debris and provides a safe landing for athletes.

[edit] Steppers

Steppers – After the landing hill has been chopped and softened, the stepper crews will side step the steep hill.

The purpose of this is to keep the chopped snow on the landing hill, and semi pack it down as small steps are taken moving sideways.

This process works best when the crews are on skis and have ski poles for added balance.

[edit] Finish Area Maintenance Crews

Finish Area Maintenance Crews – The finish area maintenance crews use Snow Scoop to remove any snow chunks that tumble to the bottom of the aerial landing hill.

This work, accomplished between breaks, qualifications and final, ensures that the outrun and finish area are safe for the athletes.

Other crew responsibilities include the cutting of pine boughs to be spread on the landing hill as a visual aid for athletes.

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