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5.1 In principle technical Committees, respectively the boards and/or executives and technical Sub-Committees consist of a maximum of 7 regular members, special Committees of a maximum of 9 regular members, including the Chairman and a Vice-Chairman. Only the FIS Council is empowered to decide regarding exceptions from this rule. In the Ski Jumping, Cross-Country, Nordic Combined, Alpine, Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard and other designated Committee’s Conference, each affiliated National Ski Association may be represented.

5.2 In principle the National Associations may not be represented on the Committee by more than one regular member, with the exception of the special composition of Co-ordinating Committees, where several Committees are represented by their Chairman or specially designated ordinary members, without regard to nationality.

5.3 The Council appoints the Chairmen of the Committees and Sub-Committees as well as all other Committee Members.

5.4 Each Committee may appoint a minute-taker (secretary) from amongst it members. For the Committees where the minutes are taken by a member of the FIS staff, this person is appointed by the Secretary-General.

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