5.7 Selection of Athletes to be Tested

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5.7 Selection of Athletes to be Tested

5.7.1 At International Events, the FIS Anti-Doping Rules shall determine the number of finishing placement tests, random tests and target tests to be performed. The following Athletes shall be tested for each Competition at an International Event. Each Athlete finishing in one of the top four placements in the Competition, plus at least one other Athlete in the Competition selected at random. At the FIS World Championships, the number of teams selected at random shall be two (one Athlete per team). At the FIS Junior World Championships, the competitions at which testing takes place during the event may be agreed in consultation with FIS (e.g. Alpine, 1 speed and 1 technical event per gender; Cross-Country and Nordic Combined 1 distance and 1 sprint event; Ski Jumping 1 competition, Freestyle and Snowboarding, 1 technical and 1 freestyle event per gender).

5.7.2 At National Events, each National Ski Association shall determine the number of Athletes selected for Testing in each Competition and the procedures for selecting the Athletes for Testing.

5.7.3 In addition to the selection procedures set forth in Articles

5.7.1 and 5.7.2 above, the FIS at International Events, and the National Ski Association at National Events, may also select Athletes or teams for Target Testing so long as such Target Testing is not used for any purpose other than legitimate Doping Control purposes.

5.7.4 Athletes shall be selected for Out-of-Competition Testing by the FIS and by National Ski Associations through a process that substantially complies with the International Standard for Testing in force at the time of selection.

5.8 National Ski Associations and the organising committees for National Ski Association Events shall provide access to Independent Observers at Events as directed by FIS.

5.9 An Athlete who is not regular member of an IF or one of its National Federations will not be permitted to compete in an International Event unless he or she is available for Sample collection and where applicable, he/she provides accurate and up-to-date whereabouts information as part of the IF's Registered Testing Pool at least three months before he or she expects to compete.

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