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[edit] 4511.4 Ski Suits

Ski suits must be two pieces; pants and a separate top. Suits worn in the Alpine events of Downhill (DH), Super-G (SG), Giant Slalom (GS), Slalom (SL), and Speed Skiing are not allowed.

Suit base material shall be textile fabrics excluding rubber, neoprene, leather or vinyl like materials or fabrics. Patches of different material are allowed provided that textile fabrics shall remain, in any event, predominant.

Non-protruding body protection and padding is recommended.

Protection equipment including back protector or any other padding or body amour must be worn on the body and separate from the ski suit (outer wear). Protection and padding must not be built into the ski suit or attached to the ski suit by a zipper, Velcro or any other means. Fastening devices such as elastic straps, zippers, nylon straps, buttons, snaps, velcro, one or 2 sided tape, or any other methods shall not be used to tighten the suit material closer to the body or prevent the natural fall of the clothing.

The gap in the material must be a minimum of 80mm, measured everywhere around the circumference of the, of each leg from the mid thigh to the top of the ski boot and 60 mm everywhere around the elbow and the bicep.

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