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[edit] 4507 The Start

[edit] 4507.1 Bibs

Qualification Bibs are numbered on front and back for better visibility by the course judges.

4507.2 Bib Colors for the Finals

For the Final, the main 4 colors of the bibs will be Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. White and Black will be used additionally if a 6-person format is used.

4507.3 Bib Assignment for the Final

Assignment of the bibs for the Final in each heat is based upon the competitors qualification ranking. The highest ranked competitor in the qualification is assigned the red bib, the second highest ranked competitor is assigned the green bib, the third highest ranked is assigned the blue bib and the fourth highest ranked is assigned the yellow bib.

4507.4 Ready for Start

It is the competitor’s responsibility to arrive at the start gate in time. A missed start is a DNS. (Did Not Start)

4507.5 Start Interval for the Final Round

During the Team Captains' Meeting before the final round, a start interval will be announced by the Jury.

4507.6 Start Gate Lanes and Start Positions

Each starting position is identified by the Lane of the Start Gate.

Looking up the course to the Start Gate the positions are set from left to right:

  • For a 4 (four) competitor Ski Cross, Position 1 is to the far left and Position 4 to the far right.
  • For a 6 (six) competitor Ski Cross, Position 1 is to the far left Position 6 is to the far right.

[edit] 4507.7 Start Commands

“We are ready for next Heat, proceed to the Start Gate”

“Enter the Start Gate” (30 seconds before the start command)

“Skiers Ready!”, then “Attention!” followed by The Starter opening the gate.

4507.8 Ski Cross Start Ramp and Start Device

[edit] 4507.8.1 The Start Ramp

The Start Ramp shall be prepared in such a way that the competitors can stand relaxed in the starting device and can quickly reach full speed after leaving the start.

4507.8.2 Placement of the Start Gate

The start gates are to be placed in the center of the courses. The gates have to open simultaneously and it must be impossible for a competitor to open the gates themselves or block the opening of the gate by applying force to the gate.

[edit] 4507.8.3 Ski Cross Start Gate Standards

Hinged gates, each 100 cm wide and 40 cm in height.

There shall be 60 cm between the outside edges of each gate section. The height of the handles shall be 95 cm above the snow level and set parallel to the hinged gate. The size of each handle shall be 10 cm long with a width between 3 cm to 4 cm. The width between the ends of each handle needs to be between 80 cm – 90 cm. Different positions for the handles should be available for children and junior competitors.

The starting surface of the gate must be covered with a protection for the skis. The gate must have sufficient weight to operate property.

The locking system should operate in such a way that the gates open out-ward, as least past 45 degrees, on operation of a single control mechanism. Mechanical controls are all preferred over electrical ones, for reasons of reliability and portability.

4507.8.4 Approval of Start Device

All Start Device for FIS World Cup, FIS Freestyle World Championships and Olympic Winter Games need to be approved by the FIS.

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