4. Organisers of FIS World Championships

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4. Organisers of FIS World Championships

4.1 The organisation and the carrying out of FIS World Championships are delegated by FIS to a National Ski Association and a site respectively an Organising Committee.

4.2 The FIS Council elects the organising National Ski Association and the site in the alpine, nordic, freestyle and snowboard events at least 5 years before the FIS World Championships are to take place and at least 4 years before the FIS Ski Flying World Championships.

4.2.1 A National Ski Association shall only be allowed to submit applications for the organisation of FIS World Championships at least 2 years after having organised FIS World Championships of the same events within its’ country, i.e. a National Ski Association can only organise World Championships of the same events once every 8 years.

4.3 Per decision of the FIS Council (November 2001) the election procedure is as follows:

The Council shall elect the Organisers in a closed meeting;

- An absolute majority of votes shall be required and,

- If an absolute majority is not reached in the first ballot, the candidate receiving the fewest number of votes shall be eliminated and so on until one candidate has received an absolute majority;

- In the case of a tie for the last place or places a second ballot will be taken between those who tied.

- All Council Members irrespective of their nation of origin shall have the right to vote.

- The results of the voting shall be published, including the number of votes for each candidate in each round, not during the election but at the ceremony after the official announcement of the organising city.

According to the FIS Statutes, Article 30.3:

- The President can vote. When the vote is tied, he has the deciding vote.

4.4 The National Ski Association appoints an Organising Committee for the FIS World Championships.

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