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3065 Organisational Meetings

3065.1 Team Captains’ Meeting

The Team Captains’ meeting will be held according to 216 of the Joint Regulations for all Ski Competitions. The purpose of the Team Captains’ meeting is to provide detailed information concerning competition procedures and activities, determine bib draws, gather competitor licences and qualifications and handle all necessary organisational matters.

It is then the responsibility of the representative Team Captains to com-municate this information to their respective participants. The Team Captains’ meeting shall be attended by the Race Director (in the case of major competitions) Head Judge, TD, Chief of Competition and Chiefs of Course and all important competition officials. This meeting shall be chaired by the Chief of Competition from the host nation.

3065.2 Organisation Committee Meetings

At FIS authorized competitions there should be several organisational meetings preceding and possibly during the competition. It is the responsibility of the Chief of Competition to call to order organisational meetings, from time to time necessary and to inform the key individuals involved in the competition, so that they may attend. Further, the results of these meetings should be minuted and published to the key individuals involved in the competition that may or may not have been able to attend. It is the responsibility of the Chief of Competition to communicate the essential information concerning the competition so that all parties may be reasonably informed.

3065.3 Judges’ Meetings

The Head Judge for the competition will be responsible for conducting a judges’ meeting prior to the first day of competition. It is highly recom-mended that the judges meetings commence at least one day prior to the first day of competition. The Head Judge will be responsible for the organisation of the meetings.

3065.4 Jury Meetings

The Jury for a competition will meet at least once before the first Team Captains meeting. The Jury must also meet once before official training, in order to do an official course inspection. The Head of the Jury will act as Chairman in all meetings of the Jury.

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