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3058 Did not Finish (DNF)

A DNF classification in the qualification phase will receive and be listed with no rank on the results list.

All decisions concerning DNF will be the responsibility of the Jury. The competition officials may impose a ruling entitled "Did not Finish" (DNF) for any infractions listed below. This list does not restrict the ruling of the officials for any infraction, which may occur and is not listed below.

3058.1 for loss of ski(s) any time before landing, during the Aerials competition, if a re-run has already been granted for the same reason for that particular phase (see 3057.10).

3058.2 for skiing out of the course boundaries in Moguls and Ski Cross, which includes not crossing the gate line or the finish gate. In Dual Moguls, crossing the middle line of the course. A competitor shall be deemed to have crossed the middle line if both feet cross the line.

3058.3 for upgrading a flight plan after the competitor has left the starting gate.

3058.4 for announcing and performing identical Aerials manoeuvres (4008.5)

3058.5 for a competitors’ Final run, if not starting in the Finals after performing the Qualification run.

3058.6 for a competitors’ jump score, if the jump is not performed.

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