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[edit] 3054 Competitor Responsibilities

3054.1 Provide adequate accident insurance (see 215.3 and 3062.2)

3054.2 Must have a recognized binding system and ski stops in all competitions.

3054.3 Responsible for a thorough knowledge of the Rules, Regulations and Judging criteria; in addition to being familiar with the specific rules for Freestyle and must also be familiar with section 200.

3054.4 Must attend The Prize Giving Ceremony and must be properly wearing the correct bib. Also, winners must attend media functions. The prize giving ceremony time must be fixed in the official competitor information. The competitor is not obliged to attend award ceremonies held on any day other than that which the competition is completed.

3054.5 As a condition of and in consideration of their entries therein, all competitors and their parents or guardians, shall be deemed, by signing the Athletes Declaration, to agree to assume all risks of injury to the competitors’ person and property resulting from, caused by or connected with the conduct and management of the competition and to release any and all claims which they may have against the officials, the host National Ski Association and the clubs or Organisers holding the competition and against their officers and their entries shall only be accepted on this condition.

3054.6 In all competitions, all competitors must wear Helmets.

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