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[edit] 3043 The Start

[edit] 3043.1 Preparation of Start Area

The Start shall be prepared in such a way that the competitors can stand relaxed in the starting area.

[edit] 3043.1.2 Aerials Start Area

The Aerials Start is anywhere on the course, but cannot exceed the maximum start line established as a precaution for the jump hill.

[edit] 3043.1.3 Moguls and Ski Cross Start Area

The Moguls and Ski Cross Qualification Start will preferably be an open start with a light beam installed appr. 1.5 - 2.0 meters down across the hill parallel to the starting line. The starting line and the light beam will be as wide as the control gates on top of the course are set. There will be a starting line. The competitor should plant his poles in front of the line and his boots should stay behind until the starting signal is given. The starting installation will be located where the competitor has easy access to his skiing line and can quickly reach full speed after leaving the start.

[edit] 3043.1.4 Start Device

The Dual Moguls Start uses a start device, see 4306.5 for a description. The Ski Cross Start uses a start device, see 4507.3 for a description. The starting installation will be located where the competitors have easy access to their skiing line and can quickly reach full speed after leaving the start device.

[edit] 3043.2 The Start Area and Warming Tent

The Start Area must be closed off to everyone except the starting competitor, accompanied by only one trainer and the Start Officials. A special roped off area must be provided for trainers, Team Captains, service personnel, etc., in which they may take care of the waiting competitors without being interrupted by the public. A tent or a warming hut must be provided at the start area. If the temperature is expected to be below -10° Celsius, a heater must be installed in the tent or the warming hut.

[edit] 3043.3 Start Procedure

No official or attendant who could possibly give an advantage to, or disturb the starting competitor, may be behind them. All outside help is forbidden.

[edit] 3043.4 Start Commands

Start commands will be given by the Starter for each specific competition.

[edit] 3043.4.2 Aerials Start Command

3043.4.2.1 The wind condition (velocity) in which the competitor is allowed to start.

3043.4.2.2 The Installation of Measuring Devices

3043.4.2.3 Wind Velocity and Direction

The wind measuring instruments shall be placed laterally to the height of the optimal flight trajectory. The gauges recording the data shall display the actual conditions separately, not an average.

In addition to these instruments, 2 wind flags shall be placed at the side of the landing hill and on the top of the inrun.

[edit] 3043.4.2.4 Start Permission and “Three Phase Start

Start permission and starting time control at OWG, WSC and WC, competitions will be determined by means of a three-colored (red-yellow-green) signal and a digital display which are connected and run by a adjustable program. During the red phase (start preparation), the clock does not run and is set at 15 seconds. During next yellow phase, (5 seconds) the clock starts to run down from 15 seconds and then switches after 10 seconds to the green phase. The starting time will be finished after 15 seconds and the display then shows ‘0’. At ‘0’, the light automatically changes back to red and the starting procedure for the next competitor begins.

3043.4.2.5 It is the competitors’ responsibility to be ready at the start when their starting number is called. The competitor has to leave the start after the start signal has been given. If the competitor has not left the start by the end of the start time, the hill will automatically be closed.

3043.4.2.6 During the starting procedure, the competitor must have the opportunity to clearly observe the automatic countdown display (e.g. a programmable digital clock)

3043.4.2.7 The competitor has to start within the start time. If the start signal is interrupted during the competitors’ starting period for any reason, for example unstable weather conditions, the starting process will begin again.

[edit] 3043.4.3 Moguls Start Command

3043.4.3.1 The Moguls start command s begins with a warning ten seconds before the start.

A start command will then given: “Competitor Ready! 3, 2, 1, Go!

[edit] 3043.4.4 Dual Moguls Start Command

3043.4.4.1 The Dual Moguls Start command shall begin with a warning from the Announcer:

“Blue Course ready,……Red Course ready!”

The starter or gate opener shall open both gates simultaneously within 3 seconds of this announcement. Should the gates fail to open for any reason, this procedure shall be recommenced.

3043.4.4.2 If a competitor is unable to start for any reason, the other competitor in that round cannot ski the course.

[edit] 3043.4.5 Ski Cross Start Command

We are ready for next Heat, proceed to the Start Gate

Enter the Start Gate” (30 seconds before the start command)

Skiers Ready!”, then “Attention!” followed by the Starter opening the start gate.

[edit] 3043.5 Timing System Locations

In the Moguls and Ski Cross competition the timing system shall measure the exact time when the competitor crosses the starting light beam with their leg (below the knee) or when the starting gate opens.

In the Dual Moguls competition the timing shall measure the exact time when the competitor crosses the light beam.

[edit] 3043.6 Delayed Start

[edit] 3043.6.1 Force Majeure

A competitor who is not ready to start at their time indicated on the official start list will receive a DNS. The Starter may, however, excuse such a delay if, in his opinion, the delay is due to "force majeure". For example, the breakdown of competitors’ personal equipment or minor sickness of a competitor does not constitute a "force majeure". In case of doubt, the Starter may allow a start provisionally, but must inform the Jury.

[edit] 3043.6.2 Start Order

In the case where a start has been delayed and the competitor is ready to go, The Starter will run the competitor at the first start opportunity and inform the Jury, Judges, The Referee, Finish Official, The Chief of Timing, Announcer and The Chief of Scoring accordingly.

[edit] 3043.7 The Start Order

The Start Order is determined at the Team Captains’ meeting on the day before the competition (see 213.4). A random draw done by computer may be used at all FIS Freestyle competitions.

[edit] 3043.7.1 The Draw

Each competition shall have a separate start order. The start order for each competition is a separate draw. This draw is used for the Qualification competition.

[edit] 3043.7.2 Start Groups

[edit] 3043.7.2.1 Aerials Start Groups

Start Groups may be used for Aerials if there are more than 16 ladies and/or 32 men. For Aerials, the top seed will consist of the top entered 8 ladies and the top entered 16 men, calculated by computing the average of their best two World Cup points achieved in the previous 12 months. For Ski Cross see ICR 4505.3.

3043.7.2.2 Each group will have a separate draw to determine a running order.

3043.7.2.3 If a tie exists for last place in the "A" seed, the average shall be computed from the best three results from competitions in the same 12-month period. If the tie remains unbroken, further results must be added until either the tie is broken or no further results remain from the 12-month period. If at this point the tie still remains unbroken, the last place in the "A" seed shall be allocated by a random draw from the tied competitors.

3043.7.2.4 Halfpipe Start Groups For Qualification, competitors will be seeded in heats according to their ranking on either the World Cup Ranking List (for World Cup competitions) or the FIS Points List. Ties in the World Cup ranking will be broken using FIS Points; if still tied, the position will be decided by a draw. All other ties will be broken by a draw.

A Qualification round may consist of one or more Heats; a Heat shall generally comprise not more than 30 competitors (Men) or 25 competitors (Ladies).

In a Qualification round with two heats, competitors will be divided on the basis of even and odd positions in the seeding list (Heat 1 shall consist of odd-numbered seeds, Heat 2 of even-numbered seeds). In a Qualification round with three heats, each third seed shall be assigned to a separate Heat (Heat 1 seeds 1, 4, 7, …etc.; Heat 2 seeds 2, 5, 8,…etc; Heat 3 seeds 3, 6, 9,…etc.). If more than three Heats are scheduled, they shall be constructed according to the same principles. (FS1008-6a)

[edit] 3043.7.3 Changes in Start Order

Any change or addition to the start order after the Team Captains’ meeting will cost CHF 100. Replacements and additions, except in Dual Moguls, can be made up to one hour before the scheduled start time posted in the competitor information. In case of substitution starting number will be maintained by the competitor who is substituted. In the case of additions, the competitor will assume the first starting position in the qualifications, for Aerials in the B-seed.

3043.7.3.1 No changes, additions or substitutions shall be permitted to the Dual Moguls Start List once drawn.

[edit] 3043.7.3.2 Errors in Start Lists

If a competitor is improperly placed or omitted from a start list due to an error by a Team Captain, that competitor will be added to the start list in the first position except in the case of Dual Moguls, where no changes will be permitted after the Draw. If the Organising Committee makes an error in the start order, the draw must be remade. In this case, the Team Captain must inform the Organising Committee of the error within 15 minutes from the distribution of the start list. After 15 minutes, the error will be treated as an error by the Team Captain.

[edit] 3043.7.4 Start List Information

The start list will include the following information:

  • Name of Competition Sponsor;
  • Name of Competition;
  • Site of Competition;
  • Dates;
  • Times;
  • Name, Nationality and Bib Number of Competitors
  • Starting Order Number
  • General Course Specifications

3043.7.5 The start list must be circulated to all officials, coaches, competitors, television and media personnel and VIP’s.

[edit] 3043.8 Qualified for the Final

Type of Event




Dual Moguls




Ski Cross




OWG 20/20 -/- 12/12 16-32/16-32 -/-
WSC 16/16 8/8 12/12 16-32/16-32 12/12
World Cup 12-16/12-16 8/8 10/10 16-32/16-32 6/12
COC 8/16 8/8  -/- 16-32/16-32 6/12

If there is a tie among Finalists after the Qualifications, see 3045.4.3.

In Moguls, Aerials and Halfpipe, the running order for the first or only Final round shall be reverse of the order of placement in the Qualifications. The start order for any second round can be the reverse of the competitors’ rankings following the first round.

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