3035.2 Duties of a Team Captain

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3035.2 Duties of a Team Captain

3035.2.1 To attend all Team Captain’s meetings.

3035.2.2 To provide all information received at meetings to his team members.

3035.2.3 To provide Aerial qualifications of his team members if requested by the Jury.

3035.2.4 Responsible for all registrations of their team.

3035.2.5 Responsible for the discipline of their team.

3035.2.6 To be familiar with the competition rules.

3035.2.7 To be appointed to monitor and advise on the development of air bumps on mogul courses and the shape of the Aerial Jumps. These trainers will be appointed at the Team Captains’ meeting.

Also see; 3035.1 Rights and Obligations of a Team Captain, Freestyle Skiing or see Team Management or Competition Organization

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