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[edit] 3033 The Judges

[edit] 3033.1 Appointment of Judges

The Judges for a competition will be a group of qualified individuals. For international competitions, the FIS Freestyle Committee will appoint the panel of judges, or other authorized Committees, will appoint the panel of judges. For Halfpipe appropirately qualified FIS Snowboard Judges may be appointed. (FS1008-6a)

3033.1.1 Number of Judges:

A - Level competitions: 1 Head Judge + 7 scoring Judges

At all other competitions: 1 Head Judge + 5 scoring Judges

In special cases, fewer judges can be scheduled.

[edit] 3033.2 Number of Judges per country

At Olympic Winter Games and World Championships

- max. 1 (one) per country

At World Cup and Junior World Championships

- max. 2 (two) scoring per country. (1) one other from the same country can be the Head Judge in a non-scoring position.

At Continental Cups and all other International competitions

- max. 3 (three) per country. One must be Head Judge in a non-scoring position

3033.3 The Head Judge will be appointed by the FIS Freestyle Committee.

3033.4 An alternate for the Head Judge and for a member of the judges’ panel should be named and available if for any reason an individual is unable to perform his duties.

[edit] 3033.5 The Rights and Duties of the Head Judge

3033.5.1 The Head Judge is a member of the Jury.

3033.5.2 The Head Judge is preferably a non-judging member of the judging panel, responsible for checking the accuracy of the judges’ decisions, checking the scoring results with the Chief of Scoring and policing the judges’ stand.

3033.5.3 The Head Judge may act as a substitute judge.

3033.5.4 The Head Judge must ensure that all arrangements for transportation, accommodation and expenses are organised for each judge. The responsibility for all communications, scheduling, timetables, materials, clinics, attendance, sundry preparations and any detail concerning the judges rests with the Head Judge. Thus, the Head Judge must accept all responsibility for any irregularity in the service provided by the judges to the competition.

[edit] 3033.6 Judging Procedures

3033.6.1 Each judge will use scorecards, which indicate who the judge is and the name and bib number of the competitor. All scorecards will indicate a score for each category utilised to assign a final score.

3033.6.2 Judges will be separated on the judges stand by a minimum of one meter and a partition. There will be no discussion between the judges concerning the competitors’ scores (except by the Head Judge).

3033.6.3 No competitor, team official or spectator will be allowed to approach the judges stand and talk to the judges during competition.

3033.6.4 The Jury must deal with any problems or disputes arising from the judges or with the judging. The Jury may refer any problem that it cannot resolve to the FIS Freestyle Committee.

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