3. The Role of the Event Medical Director

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3. The Role of the Event Medical Director

The Event Medical Director is responsible for directing and coordinating all medical services provided at the event. He/she is a member of the Organising Committee and reports to the committee regarding medical issues related to the event.

He/she is head of a team that must be competent in the provision of emergency medical care, triage and evacuation procedures. He/she and their team should have a good understanding of operational procedures of all systems with respect to the event and also have a good understanding of the sport discipline with regard to possible injuries or incidents that could occur.

Team Physicians should contact the Event Medical Director to obtain information about medical services in the area, names of medical specialists, possibilities for getting drugs for team treatment, phone numbers of medical providers and special information about particular medical regulations in this country or area where the event takes place.

The Team Physician will assist ensuring optimal care of the athletes and staff, but the Team Physician is NOT an OFFICIAL of the EVENT ORGANISING COMMITTEE (OC).

It is not the task of the Team Physician to impose conditions regarding medical issues to the Organising Committee. In respect of all medical and organisational problems he should report to the Event Medical Director.

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