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It is an essential condition for the organisation of WC COMPETITIONS that a high quality TV coverage of the EVENT be secured. Furthermore, a broad TV distribution shall constitute the priority objective. The availability of “news-style” coverage has to be guaranteed on every competition day.

Agreements regarding TV production and distribution of the COMPETITIONS are to be entered by NSA in accordance with clause 208.1 ICR.

NSA shall ensure that the agreement with the host broadcaster shall incorporate the FIS TV PRODUCTION GUIDELINES. The technical standard of production has to fulfil the requirements of international broadcasting companies and has to be made in such a way that each run or jump is visible from the starting point until the competitor is leaving the finish area using a minimum of 4 - 9 cameras and one slow-motion camera.

Further, the agreement shall include the obligation to comply with the requirements set forth in the TIMING & DATA TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS (in particular use of standard graphical lay-outs for timing and data information and inserts).

Subject to any applicable broader legal access right, News access rights within the meaning of clause 208.6 ICR shall apply and be reserved in all TV agreements.

NSA shall inform and consult FIS in connection with the negotiation of the agreements in connection with TV coverage of the COMPETITIONS (208.1 ICR). Joint venture arrangements between FIS, NSA and LO are subject to negotiation.

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