2008 FIS Freestyle Technical Delegate Seminar

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[edit] Saturday 09:00 - 12:00

[edit] Pre Clinic Test

[edit] Welcome

[edit] Clinic Programme


1. Delegate Introduction Duration: 15 minutes - please give and discription of your TD background and experiances - Overview of your experiance last season - What do you want to get out of this meeting

2. Group Work (no two persons from same nation in each group) Duration: 45 minutes

- What are the major issues you see in the development of Technical Delegates and material needed. - Each group to give 3 key points

3. What is New? Duration: 20 minutes

- New Revised ICR International Competition Rules, New Structure The Freestyle FIS TD Commissioner Program, Growth of Freestyle , Changing Needs, New Trends

4. Review of Pre-course work/test

Group Work Review

- Review Questions and Answers in open discussion in small groups Duration: 20 minutes

Coffee Break Duration: 15 minutes

- Review the interesting test questions and answers in main groups Duration: 20 minutes

[edit] 2008-09 Rule Precisions

Durations; 60 minutes

[edit] ICR New Rules and Revisions

- 200 and FIS Major Changes The latest set of Freestyle Precisions are located here; [[1]]

[edit] For All Events

The Bib Coordinator

Competitors’ Advisory Committees

3034.2 The Connection Coach

3041.1 Communications / Internet Connection

3041.6 Timing and Data Area

Freestyle Equipment Rules [[2]]

[edit] MO, Precisions

3034.4 Jump and Air Bump Shapers

3043.4 Moguls Start Command

[edit] SX, Precisions

Ski Cross Reaction Time Measurement

4505 Execution of Ski Cross

4501 Ski Cross Course Standards

4505.2 Ski Cross Seeded Groups

4505.4 Determination of place 4505.6

4507 Start Lanes

[edit] AE, Precisions

The Chief of Inrun and Chief of Jumps

[edit] HP, Precisions

New Rules have been passed and will be considered by the FIS Council

[edit] Saturday Lunch 12:00 - 13:30

Durations; 90 minutes

[edit] Commitment and Assignment

Duration: 15 minutes

Pre-Competition Communications

- With Organizers and The Chief of Competition

- Check Lists

- FIS Wiki and The Competition Details

Watching the Weather around the World and what is the Snow Like

- Check the weather and recent snow fall using the Snow Forecast web 'www.snow-forecast.com' see the web site here;[3]

Travel and Officials’ Expenses

Here is the expense form:[4]

Define Local Transportation with the Organizer

- If travel is required, how do you get from the airport to the local Hotel?

- How are going to get around the competition site?

Review of the Competition Invitation

Here is an example of the:[5]

Review of the Schedule of Events

Here is an example of the schedule: [6]

- Course Set: By the Organizers in the Relations with the Teams Captains'

- Training Sessions: Duration and number of sessions

- Competition Schedules: Qualifications and Finals

- Awards: Where and When

Competition Organizers

- Competition Organization

- Technical Installations

Course Specifications at the Local Competition Site

[edit] Pre-training venue inspection

Duration: 15 minutes

- Connection with OC provided The Chief of Competition

- Review of Courses with The Chief of Course

[edit] Course Inspections and Specifications

Duration: 30 minutes

Courses Venue Safety Concerns

Coffee Break 15:00 - 15:30

[edit] Event Management

- FIS Point Calculation activity (Continental & FIS) 20 minutes

- FIS Freestyle Points System [7]

- FIS Freestyle Points Lists [8]

- Provide Start list and result from 2 competitions

- Start & Finish Procedures in Ski Cross 30 minutes

- Measurement techniques for Mogul Air Bumps 30 minutes

- Air Bump Set Up

[edit] Current Specification

Durations; 60 minutes The Current Course Specifications are located here; [[9]]

Why to Measure? - Need to gather data on courses

When to Measure?

How to Measure?

Where to Measure?

[edit] Sunday 08:30 - 11:30

[edit] Situations and Issues from Delegates

Duration: 20 minutes

All of the forms are located here;[[10]]

- Entry, Draw & Results

- Checking Start list

- Observing Draw

- Reviewing / Transmitting Results

- Feedback from TD Reports and Jury Meetings 30 minutes

- TD report

- Course report

- Minutes from Jury meetings

[edit] ISS

Duration 20 minutes

- Injury Survey Report

- TD requirements

Here is the ISS file that needs to be used: Image:Injury-form-final.pdf


- Trends and What to Do

- Recommendations and items of interest from past season’s TD Reports

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