2. The FIS Medical Supervisor – Role and Responsibilities

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2. The FIS Medical Supervisor – Role and Responsibilities

For all major skiing and snowboarding events (World Cup, Olympics and World Championships) the FIS will appoint one or more Medical Supervisors to act as a liaison or advisor to the organising committee for the event with regard to sport specific issues.

The Medical Supervisor is nominated by the FIS Medical Committee to the FIS Secretary General for approval by the FIS Council. This process will normally take place about one year in advance of the scheduled event.

In general, the individual nominated will be a member of the FIS Medical Committee with current knowledge of issues within the realm of medical and anti-doping. If a committee member is not available, then by general agreement from the committee, an individual may be recruited from outside the committee to perform the duties of the FIS Medical Supervisor.

In his/her job as a Medical Supervisor for the FIS, the individual may not act as a team doctor or as doctor for the organising committee concurrently with performing the job of the Supervisor.

Once approved by the FIS Council, the event organisers will be notified of the name and contact details of the appointed supervisor, as well as recommendations set out in the FIS Medical Guide regarding expected medical support services for the event.

It is the responsibility of the Organising Committee to contact the FIS Medical Supervisor and provide all information regarding the organisation and delivery of medical services that will be provided during the course of the event.

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