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1.2 Division of Obligations – Contributors and Definition of Roles In order to successfully host and deliver a World Cup FIS Freestyle Skiing event, the FIS works closely with the local organising committee and the National Skiing Association (NSA) who will introduce key members of their planning and event delivery team months in advance of each competition. In summary key members of the organising committee, governing federation and the appointed host broadcaster can be presented as follows:

Organising Committee / NSA FIS Representatives
President Organising Committee and General Secretary FIS Freestyle Race Director
OC Appointed Host Broadcaster FIS Freestyle TV Supervisor (TVS)
OC Principal HB Contact TV and Media Rights Manager (TVM)
Chief of Competition Appointed Data and Timing Services Provider
Chief Of Venue Production FIS Technical Delegate
Chief of Press

[edit] Division of Obligations Table

FIS FIS TV Supervisor National Skiing Association (NSA) Local Organising Committee (LOC) Host Broadcaster (HB) NSA / LOC Commercial Partner
The federation is the main international organisation of ski sports and has a membership of 101 national ski associations. It is responsible for organising the calendar for all Freestyle Skiing competitions in all disciplines including the FIS Freestyle Ski World Ski Championships every two years. The FIS Freestyle TV Supervisor (TVS) is responsible for monitoring the standard of TV Production and consistency from all participating venues throughout the calendar season.

The TVS will assist host broadcasters with the necessary planning, development and documentation of their event and be associated to the project from the planning stage through to the final transmission days.

Is the national governing body for all skiing disciplines, providing direction and leadership for athletes from member clubs. The NSA is responsible for all aspects of competitive skiing from grassroots programs through to the training and fielding of the national team.

Each NSA is responsible for planning and delivering competitive ski events as part of their annual commitment to the seasonal FIS calendar.

Each NSA will appoint a local organising committee to plan, build and manage the infrastructure required to deliver a major international cross country skiing competition.

The OC is expected to nominate a suitable contact for the benefit of the Host Broadcaster.

This contact will aid and assist the HB’s planning and broadcast installation at the competition venue.

Is the appointed local or national broadcasting organisation who is responsible for the television production of the event. This may also be an independent television production company.

The host broadcaster’s coverage is produced and formatted in a way that accommodates the international broadcast rights holder, ie the video signal does not feature any in vision presentation and the audio signal is available as a clean effects mix only.

For selected events in the FIS calendar, the commercial partner represents the NSA and/or LOC’s by managing the domestic and international media and marketing rights.

A designated TV and Media Rights Manager may attend each event (TVM)

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