15. Prizes

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15. Prizes

15.1 At FIS World Championships, the following prizes are awarded:

15.1.1 The large FIS medal in gold to the winner in each discipline. The large FIS medal in silver to the second in each discipline. The large FIS medal in bronze to the third in each discipline.

15.1.2 These Medals are supplied and paid for by the FIS.

15.1.3 The diploma to all participants classified in the first third of the result list in each FIS World Championship discipline.

15.1.4 Honorary prizes (souvenir prizes) to the six best participants in each discipline.

15.1.5 Commemorative plaques (medals) to all team members (officials and active participants).

15.1.6 These prizes (art. 15.1.3 - 15.1.5) are supplied and paid for by the Organising Committees. The creation and design have to be discussed with the FIS.

15.2 In order for a competition to be considered as a FIS World Championship event and for the official medals to be awarded, a minimum of 8 nations must be entered for team events and 8 nations be represented in individual competitions. This applies to all FIS disciplines (Cross-Country, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, Ski Flying, Alpine Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, Snowboarding, Grass Skiing, Speed Skiing, Telemark, Rollerskiing).

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