13. Time-limits for Entry

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[edit] 13. Time-limits for Entry


Art. When What Who

[edit] 13.1 July 1st Official Invitation to all National Ski Associations

Organising Committee

13.2 3 months Preliminary team entry Each National Ski Association

13.3.1 18 days before beginning of respective FIS World Championships Provisional team selection Each National Ski Association

13.3.2, 24 hrs after the last FIS World Cup event before the respective Championships Final team selection National Ski Association

13.4 2 hrs before the draw Definite Entries:

Nordic disciplines

National Ski

Association/Team Captain

13.4 1 hr after last training Alpine: DH

13.4 in principle 3 hrs before the draw (Jury decision) Alpine: SL, GS, SG

13.4 1 hr before the draw Freestyle, Snowboard

[edit] 13.1 Provisional announcement

In due time before the FIS Congress preceding the competitions, the Organising Association, in co-operation with the FIS Committees concerned, shall submit to the FIS a provisional announcement of the time-limits for entries,as below. This announcement is not valid until confirmed by the FIS Council.

The time of the time-limits as stated in art. 13.2 and art. 13.3 is 24.00 hours on the days concerned.

[edit] 13.2 Preliminary team entry for each nation

National entry, using the entry form supplied by the Organising Committee and stating the preliminary total number of the national team, also giving details of the number of officials and the approximate number of competitors in each of the following groups of events. In principle this is 30th October of the preceding year:

13.2.1 Nordic Events: Cross-Country Men, Cross-Country Ladies, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined

13.2.2 FIS Ski Flying World Championships in accordance with art. 9.1.2 (6 months before the competitions).

13.2.3 Alpine Events: Downhill, Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G and Alpine Combined for Men and Ladies.

13.2.4 Freestyle: Moguls, Dual Moguls, Aerials, Halfpipe, Ski Cross

13.2.5 Snowboard: Parallel Giant Slalom, Parallel Slalom, Halfpipe, Snowboard Cross,Big Air

[edit] 13.3 Team Selection

13.3.1 Provisional Team Selection

18 days before the beginning of the competitions or the Opening Ceremony.

Entry of the participants, with the names of the officials and registered competitors with a valid FIS licence under groups of events as for art. 13.2, and at the same time the preliminary number of participants in each single event.

13.3.2 Alpine Events

For alpine events only up to 50 % more registered competitors with a valid FIS licence can be named, including the reigning FIS World Champions. These supplementary competitors have to be cancelled after the final team selection according to art. 13.3.3.

13.3.3 Final Team Selection

The final team selection with numbers according to art. 9 are to be made at latest 24 hours after the final World Cup event preceding the respective FIS Championships.

[edit] 13.4 Time-limit for definite entries

Definite entries per event, stating names and group classification of competitors according to the International Competition Rules.

Nordic Events:

  • 2 hours before the draw.

Alpine Events:


  • at latest one hour after the end of the last training run.

Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super-G:

  • This will be determined by the Jury, in principle three hours before the draw.

Freestyle and Snowboard Events

  • 1 hour before the draw

For these definite entries the entry forms are to be used, which are established by the Organising Committee.

[edit] 13.5 Deadline and Exceptions

Entry of the participants in accordance with art. 13.3 – using the entry form established by the Organising Committee – that reaches the Organising Committee after the time-limit on the day stated (24.00) is not accepted.

Exceptions to this rule are:

1) Force majeure (illness, death, etc.)

2) Entries, which were despatched by fax/e-mail or post in good time before the last day of entry, but in spite of this did not reach the Organising Committee on account of misadventure.

Should the exceptional cases 1) or 2) occur, the Organising Committee may accept such entries in agreement with the FIS Race Director/Coordinator, FIS Secretary General and/or President.

Entries by fax/e-mail must be confirmed by letter (using the official entry form) the same day. Changes of the entry lists (exchange of names in the entry lists) are forbidden, unless there are urgent reasons (force majeure). In agreement with the FIS Race Director/Coordinator, FIS Secretary General and/or President at the competition site, the Organising Committee makes the decision.

On request of a National Ski Association the FIS Race Director/Coordinator, FIS Secretary General and/or President can in exceptional cases allow the late arrival and competition participation by a competitor not yet present at the competition site. The Organising Committee must accept such competitors.

[edit] 13.6 Place and Time for the Draw

The place and time for the draw of each competition are decided by the Race Committee in co-operation with the Technical Delegate / FIS Race Director / FIS Coordinator and well in advance of the competitions.

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