12. Invitations to FIS World Championships

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12. Invitations to FIS World Championships

The National Ski Associations elected by FIS to organise FIS World Championships respectively the Organising Committees must issue invitations to these competitions at the latest by July 1st in the year preceding the championships.

In accordance with the FIS rules, the invitations shall in principle contain the following information:

  • daily programme of the competitions,
  • maximum number of officials and competitors per country (art. 9.1),
  • maximum number of competitors with the right to start per country and event (art. 9.2),
  • citizenship (art. 8.1), time-limits for entries (art. 13.2 - 13.4),
  • rules concerning anti-doping control (art. 14),
  • place and time for the draws as well as other information of interest to the participating National Ski Associations.

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