10. Control by Technical Delegates and FIS Emergency Committee

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10. Control by Technical Delegates and FIS Emergency Committee

10.1 All courses and Ski Jumping hills must be homologated by the FIS as well as inspected and approved by the respective FIS Race Directors.

10.1.1 For Cross-Country Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Freestyle and Snowboarding the Organising Committee must put at the disposal of all teams well, race-like prepared and fenced-off courses for warming-up and training. At least one of these courses must be available for the whole day, starting with the official day of arrival.

10.2 The Organising Committee is required to use safety material which conforms to the latest technical standards as well as to ensure that safety-nets and other protection equipment are tested every year.

10.2.1 The Organiser is under the obligation to attach advertising banners on the competition course to lightweight construction frames or to easily breakable splinter-proof plastic poles with a height of approx. 150 cm above the snow. Wherever advertising banners are fixed in the competition area, rubber band attachments which can be pulled out must be used, whereby the advertising banners must be provided with loops. Advertising banners may in no case change the function of safety measures. The advertising installations must be placed before the first training in so far the course is ready, respectively before the inspection.

10.3 The direct technical control of the FIS World Championships is exercised by the Technical Delegates (TD) / FIS Race Directors / FIS Co-ordinators for Cross-Country, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, Alpine, Freestyle and Snowboard events.

10.4 The FIS Council appoints the Technical Delegates and establishes their official instructions.

10.5 The organising National Ski Association must conform with the instructions and recommendations of the Technical Delegates / FIS Race Directors / FIS Coordinators.

10.6 During the FIS World Championships, the FIS, in co-operation with the Organising Committee of the FIS World Championships, establishes an official FIS Emergency Committee whose function is to control the entries and to decide among other things, non-technical questions, such as postponements, cancellations, etc.

10.7 The FIS Council appoints the members of the Emergency Committee. As a rule, the following persons should belong to it:

  • The FIS President
  • The FIS Secretary General
  • The FIS Race Directors/Coordinators
  • The Chairmen of the FIS Technical Committees concerned
  • The Technical Delegates
  • The Chief of Competition
  • The Secretary General of the Organising Committee

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