1. FIS own Competitions

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1. FIS own Competitions

1.1 The FIS World Championships (WSC) are the FIS own competitions. They are open to all National Ski Associations affiliated to the FIS. They are to be organised in accordance with the FIS Rules and under the control of the FIS (ICR art. 202.1.1).

1.2 The FIS Council appoints the National Ski Associations respectively the Organisers of FIS World Championships in all disciplines.

1.3 Candidates for the organisation of FIS World Championships must provide the FIS with a written confirmation stating that they are prepared in all respects to conform with FIS Rules for the organisation of FIS competitions (art. 201.3.1 ICR) and must sign a contract stipulating all rights and obligations of the Organising Committee immediately after the election as Organiser.

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