1.4 Information to the Teams

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1.4 Information to the Teams

General Medical Coverage of Competition Protocols must be published and given to all teams in their information packs for their medical personnel. This should include:

  • On-Course medical support map with details of all stations (staffing/equipment/supplies)
  • Evacuation protocols for each level of injury from course with criteria for helicopter transport
  • Location/contact phone of Clinic or level I Trauma Centre that athlete would be transported to - depending on Level of Injury
  • A listing of all local medical services to include the phone contact and address for location. This information should include: local medical clinics, physicians, dental offices, pharmacies and the contact information for the level I Trauma Centre.
  • A medical meeting for the persons taking care of medical matters in the teams will take place prior to the first official training (for Alpine downhill events after the first course inspection) or the competition and minutes and a signed attendance list must be taken. This can provide the more detailed information regarding evacuation procedures from the course. The time of this meeting must be communicated at the team captains meeting.

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